House Heads: A Bipolar Species (Part 2)


For the longest of times we’ve had the pleasures of being graced by international artists performing in our beautiful country. It doesn’t really matter the genre, whether it was Hip Hop, Rock or House Music; we enjoyed seeing our favourite artists performing for those who love and enjoy what they do.

Over the years the House Music industry has had the same experience with House 22 being probably the main place you’d expect to find your favorite artists perform not to mention one or two annual music events and of course the Rooftop experience that has taken over. Apart from the Mother of All Parties and Spring Fiesta that house some popular artists all in one roof, we had yet to experience something different and completely out of this world. Yeah sure, we love seeing the usual suspects such as Rocco, Atjazz and Lars but a new face, new look and experience has always brought a lot of excitement to the forefront of any event.

Future Fusion Festival was meant to bring about that change and feel we needed to be baptized in pure awesomeness making us whole again, having experience such all in 3 nights. The entire concept was something entirely different compared to the one night events we’ve come to know. The thing that excited us the most was the fact that there were going to be International headliners we have never seen/heard play before. For those 3 nights we were all going to be virgins getting our first taste of pure magnificence.

Now having laid down what was supposed to be a great event, it’s a sad reality to know that at this point in time that’s all it will ever be… A DREAM. Just like the handful of people who were genuinely excited for this I’m also among those who were gutted to find out it was postponed due to poor ticket sales amongst other things. Overall I think I’m more disappointed at the fact that I let myself believe that we as “House Heads” would pull together just this once and show our underlying loyalty and support, the same support that is always and forever splashed on social networks which at times seems to be accompanied by a lot of fakeness.

We really are a very interesting species if I say so myself and from what I’ve observed it’s safe to say we slowly are a dying breed. Quite frankly I feel we’d rather fade away with time then to see the people who claim to love the music suck the life out of it for the sake of fitting in.

As a country that is seen and regarded as one of the top consumers of House/Dance Music, it’s really baffling when such things happen. When such events like FF Festival are being introduced to us, the very same people who always wanting change and new experiences; yet when they are here we can support them. I think we honestly have a sickness of all talk and little to no action. When it comes down to it, it seems our mouths run faster than a track playing at 140 beats per minute with our actions lagging behind, if they are there to begin with.

When you look at our very own artists who travel the continents blessing souls musically, the amount of support is unfathomable and we as a country feel proud to see that love being shown to our own. I guess it’s easier to receive love then it is to show love whether for our own or for another.

Like I said earlier, we are still pretty new to this and we really do have room for improvement and change but what good is that if we are not even trying to rectify the wrongs we see? What was started and set in motion will slowly but surely come to a complete stop if we are not careful. Let’s us try to be full supporters through it all and keep the Deep and Soul alive.


House Heads: A Bipolar Species (Part 1)



Just a couple of months back I had asked a very popular dj and producer whether he feels House/Dance Music will die off and of course he said he said No, of which his response wasn’t too far off. Only problem is that this artist isn’t a local one meaning that his answer is based on the positive that he gets to see, that’s if it’s visible to his naked eye. If I had to ask any other local artist/producer the exact same question I had asked Shur-I-Kan I’m pretty sure I’d get a completely different answer.

Funny how when I was drafting this piece Sir LSG had also posed the exact same question on twitter of which lead to a discussion of some sort.

@SirLSG_SA: “How will House Music continue to grow, when House Music doesn’t support House Music?…”

I could relay my answer and what was said thereafter but to cut the long story short, there is a lot of room for improvement after all we still somewhat pretty new to this, making it a lot more easier for us to adopt new methods and ideas that will try address certain issues but would that still help what seems to be a dying species?

For years we have been musically evolving, changing ways we do things and perfecting our own local sound and quality but it doesn’t seem to have helped much; I could be wrong of course. The very same people who demand #GoodQualityMusic are the ones who barely take time out to support it to the maximum extent. We want the good stuff but are we prepared to cough up money to buy it? Or we always looking for a quick fix from others. I got the shock of my life when I came across a page on Facebook that basically is all about sharing music and no one seems to care that that is someone’s hard work. “Yes… we love you kind sir but No we won’t buy your music with our money”. “Yes, we will support you by sharing what I do have with others”. Sad thing to see. I remember the times when people would be proud to own a copy of their favourite album… where has that spirit gone too I wonder? Support isn’t just writing a status about your favourite song…. its deeper then that.

I mean some if not most would have noticed that at times artists who have mastered their craft, musical identity and sound complain about the lack of support. Artists who have been loyal to the game are starting to cross over to mold themselves in a different light, a light that doesn’t run along the House Music spectrum.

Constantly I’ve asked myself why this happens, why is it that we don’t support what we love and where exactly are we going wrong. These are truly questions that need to be asked in order to try shed some light on what seems to be a growing problem.

Yes, as much as our industry is growing and housing a lot more musical talent than before, the underlying wound that seems to be tearing us apart isn’t being taken care of which ultimately makes it harder to maintain the good that has/is coming out from this. What has become apparent is that it seems we just don’t know what we want. We seem to be everywhere, hopping around like we are clueless. Our mood when it comes to House Music has elements of complete extremes. One minute we are up, the next we are down. We want this today and once we get it, it’s not good enough and we want something else. Things won’t change if we as loyal fans are too afraid to speak out and share our concerns. We keep on overlooking things in hopes that the next person will do something and this becomes a never ending cycle, with people wanting change but only a handful willing to do something about it.

Rick Wade


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Running his record label namely Harmonie Park Records, he is a man of many wonders. Having done a long list of original productions and remixed for the likes of Dubbyman, Deep Woods, Damien Zala, Francesco Bonora, Marcello Arletti; he is still growing stronger with consistent releases.

Rick Wade is a name familiar to the lovers of the underground sound and for good reason. His music is one that has meaning and so much depth to it. By simply listening to it you get engulfed by so much emotion and thoughts, that you find it becomes really hard to set yourself free from the endless expressions that your inner being has been suppressing for a very long time. From the first time you hear the sound of the bass right until the last beat, you find yourself hooked onto his music with very little chance of escaping the addiction that comes with good quality music.

The one thing we love with House/Dance Music is that once you have established a bond with it, it’s very hard to break free from it. You feel as if you are one with it and it’s one with you, a bond that lasts a lifetime. This is exactly what happens when you get to listen to his Melancholy of Rick wade EP. If you are not familiar to his sound then this is the EP defiantly worth listening to get a personal feel and idea of what he represents, which some would say is the “Essence of Deep”.

Melancholy of Rick Wade EP (Digital)

Label: Harmonie Park Records

Released: 02 March 2015

Genre: Deep House


Melancholy (Original Mix)

Waveheart (Original Mix)

Grimshifter ft. Marissa Guzman (Original Mix)


The title of this EP is really different from what we see on a daily basis. Despite the depressing name of the EP, it really does bring forth emotions that are completely opposite to the gloom feel the name brings.

If you are a Bassline fan then you will thoroughly enjoy Melancholy as well as Waveheart. With the bass being the star player so to speak, it lays the perfect foundation for all the other instrumental elements to fall into place as the seconds pass. On Grimshifter, Marrisa Guzman is on the vocals bringing something slightly different to the EP…. Mellow but yet soothing Deep Sounds is what you can expect from this.

There is nothing as frustrating as hearing a superbly constructed song but you just cannot get your hands on it due to it being released on vinyl only. What’s great about this is that it was released on vinyl some years ago and now it has been released for the first time digitally, making it a lot easier for his fans to carry on enjoying his music with no limitations apart from ones very own mind.

Other Releases

  • The Dreamer EP (Digital)

Released: 17 February 2015

  • Vinyl Refresher EP (Digital)

Released: 16 Feb 2015

  • Feel The Funk EP (Digital)

Released: 16 March 2015

  • Tech Breed EP (Vinyl)

Forthcoming: 27 April 2015


rick wade

“Music unlocks the borders of my mind. Expanding beyond linear perception, music literally sets me free…”  Rick Wade


R.I.P Ethan White


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Just as any community mourns a death of one of its beloved members, so do House Heads.

Last night (7th March 2015) was a sad night as the news of Ethan Whites passing was starting to spread all over social networks. For most people if not all, it surely was hard to believe that the co-founder of Tortured Soul; a House Music group that is loved by the masses has passed on. The passing of any person whether a loved one or a person who was a part of your life despite not knowing them can and does sadden even the strongest of hearts.

Apart from his individual work he was also a member of DunnEASY, working with Ed Dunn on such tracks as Won’t Stop and Rise up which featured Monique Bingham and Danii respectively. Of course though he’s biggest and memorable contributions come from his group membership with Tortured Soul as the keyboardist not to mention the timeless remixes he has done.

Whether you have had the chance to work with him or all you have are memories from songs done by him that you still sing along to even today, one thing is definitely certain, he will be greatly missed. His contribution to the House/Dance Music scene is one that has never gone unnoticed and this won’t stop now either.

Messages from artists he has worked with as well as fans all over the world have been pouring in since yesterday proving that music can truly unite us all in ways no one could possibly imagine.

Ethan White

Another great in the long list of Greats has departed and the House\Dance Music Community mourns his passing and will always celebrate his work for music and those who have blessed us continue to live on.


Profiling Interview with Shur-I-Kan


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Shur-I-Kan is most likely known for his relationship with Jimpster apart from the number of hits he has given us over the years. Born Tom Szirtes, he has released the best in House/Dance music across an extensive spectrum of labels including Deeper Shades of House, Z Records, Open Bar Music, Loco Records and of course Freerange.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to speak to him and hear what he has to say on a few things….


2015-02-24 16.16.42

  1. Keeping it light-hearted and for those who need to get a rough picture before jumping into other questions, who is Shur-I-Kan?

Shur-i-kan is a lone wanderer, a maverick on a mission to paint landscapes with the sound of music. Either that or he’s some bloke from London who spends too much time sitting in-front a computer writing beats. You make your choice.


  1. Tom Middleton is a name well known in the industry for a number of reasons and for you it’s due to the fact that he discovered you and gave you your first break so to speak, of which led to your debut track to be complied on Jedi’s Knights Out. Take us through that experience in terms of the where and how it all happened.


I was invited to do a support slot for a friend’s gig in East London (he was Chris Johnson who released as Johnny Astro). So I put together a live set featuring myself, a bassist and a drummer playing along to a CD backing track – it was the first Shur-i-kan performance. I’d been working on my first album, but it had never been performed or released at that stage. Tom Middleton and several members of the band that was to become The Bays were at the gig as they knew Chris. In fact Tom DJed at the event. Anyway he loved the music so I gave him a CD and we exchanged details. A couple of weeks later I went over to his studio and he started helping me mix some of my material. He also introduced me to Jimpster and his label Freerange, as he, thought we’d be musical soul-buddies. That’s fifteen years ago now – yikes!


  1. Having done my preliminary research on you of course, I noticed that it’s not quite clear as to when your djing career began. Please can you shed some light on this for those who are interested in knowing?

It’s a good question, I can’t quite remember. I think my very first DJ gig was at a house party whilst I was at University – my tune of the night was Whigfield’s Saturday Night (there goes any credibility I have left)! When I moved to London I started putting on a nights with a friend – I was playing anything from hip-hop, broken beats and drum ‘n’ bass. To be honest I wasn’t a great DJ at the time – my selection was good, but my technique was lacking – but you got to start somewhere. I think my ‘proper’ DJ career began around 2006 when I started to release house music. I started to get a lot of international bookings around that time. I learnt on the job so to speak – but now obviously I’m very comfortable on the decks.


  1. Apart from Deep House, you also produce other styles. What would you say have been your influences musically whilst growing up?


I grew up on a mix my parents music which covered jazz, classical and 60’s rock. I am a piano player and my friends at school were into jazz –we started a band and played around the neighbourhood. So my early influences were Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis – that 60’s + 70’s fusion. I also was into electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre, Art of Noise and the sounds of the eighties. Basically I was fascinated by synths – I loved reading the equipment lists of those albums imagining what ARP Odysseys, Solina’s, Fairlights were like. I couldn’t afford any of them sadly!



  1. Having been in the industry for over 10yrs, in your view what has been key in keeping and bringing you to where you are today?

I’d say perseverance and practice – the amount of hours I’ve spent making music over my life is scary. You only learn by doing. I’m still improving my skills all the time, I’ve still got lots to learn. Okay, there was some innate talent – I’ve always had an ear for harmonies and how to convey emotion through music. I didn’t learn that. But all the production, mixing etc… that’s just trial and error and of course advice from people who are better than you!

  1. Okay let’s talk “Deep House”.

One of the things I have noticed when it comes to this topic is that a number of people seem to be in love with the “Deep House” concept but barely know what it really is/means. In your view why is this happening? Would you say it’s a case of riding a trend for the sake of not to be left out or it could be something else?

I’m not sure I know what it means either.

Genre’s are just useful tags to describe music. It’s quite hard to describe something abstract like music unless you spend a lot of time listening and analyzing it. So I don’t blame others for using it. Of course, people also want to be part of something popular too. Just because I’ve been making deep house for ten years now doesn’t mean I own it. I just own what I make, and if people like it – then all are welcome!

  1. You find a lot of people who seem to listen to one specific genre/style of House Music which ultimately leads to not giving themselves a chance to experience anything else but what they are use too. What is your take on this, considering that you yourself as a producer, dj and even as Tom don’t confine yourself to just one style?


Well, you’re missing out on the wider experience of life if you just listen to one style. It’s like only eating Italian food. I love Italian food, but I also like Japanese, Mexican etc.. And if you are chef, you need to learn other cuisines in order to make your own cooking more interesting. Even if you don’t like it, try it, find out what others like about it, and don’t try it just once – that’s not enough. Ok, that’s enough of the food metaphors – it’s making me hungry.


  1. For those who had no idea, you have your own show titled “Shur-I-Kan in the Mix”, of which happens once a month and lovers of the underground House scene can listen to an hour of great music. How long ago did this start and how has the response been to date?


Well I can only say, that if you’ve not heard it, you’ve probably not lived! It’s been going for almost six years now. It’s simple I play an hour of mostly new and upcoming deep and underground house in the mix. I only do it because people keep asking me for more, so it must be okay.



  1. You have developed a number of relationships with some loved producers over the years, such as Jimpster (Freerange) as well as Milton Jackson, who you also so happen to co-own a record label with (Dark Energy Recordings). Sticking on the label side of things, what was the driving force to get this record label off the ground and how has the journey been thus far?


2015-02-24 16.15.43

Sheer opportunism. Barry (Milton Jackson) actually created it to release an EP of his own on it on Beatport, but I’m not sure he had much of a plan beyond that. I was working a lot with Barry at the time, and I suggested we run it as a proper label. I set up the distribution deals and took over the day-to-day running of it. To be honest, Barry doesn’t really get involved too much these days, but of course he’s always welcome to. We aren’t super active, but when I hear something I like especially from a new artist I’ll use it help them get more exposure – like we did with Intr0beatz this year.


  1. Seeing the rise in vinyl sales over the past few years, would you say this is the right time for Indie labels to go analogue compared to digital?


Vinyl sales have risen but it’s still very hard to make any money from it. But I think vinyl has its niche place. It takes real commitment and money to release music on the format so that means labels have to think more carefully about putting something out. The problem with digital is that anyone can release anything so they usually do. Vinyl is like a quality threshold. That said I’m against vinyl only releases – I think it smacks of elitism. I’m not interested in restricting my music to only a few heads, just because they think they are cool.


  1. What can we look forward to from Shur-I-Kan this year as well as from the label itself?


I’ve got a collab with Fred Everything out shortly on Tsuba which I’m looking forward to because I really like the track. I’ve got some music which is a little bit more ‘techno’ flavoured scheduled for later in the year – I’m getting a bit bored of the typical house sounds. Also I’m working on a downtempo album for NeedWant which hopefully for will finished around summer time.



  1. Lastly I’ve heard a number of times that EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is taking over the music scene and every other genre of House/Dance Music will eventually die off sooner if not later. What are your thoughts on this?


Sounds pretty stupid to me.

EDM is a fashion in pop-music, it will pass like others before it. I don’t see what it has to do with the rest of dance music. Drum’n’Bass hasn’t gone, Garage hasn’t gone, House won’t go – they will adapt.

I don’t really see EDM as anything to do with what I do. In fact I’d like to think it may have a positive benefit. Some kids might start at Guetta, maybe move onto people like Digweed and eventually find themselves at deep house… who knows there is always hope!


It All Makes Sense With House Music


The beauty that is House Music is that no matter your mood, your day or current life situation, it has a way of making EVERYTHING feel okay.

The chaos that occurs in our every day lives can sometimes drive us alil insane but because you find comfort in this music we love we know with each track you play back, it will somehow comfort you.

Most people don’t understand why we feel so deeply about it but they not looking past the fact that it’s just a track with some beats and instruments and maybe a few vocals.

They don’t understand that… this music that we love also possess emotions, thoughts, ideas and most imporatntly Love. A love so deep you feel like you are the track and that particular track is YOU! They can’t feel what we feel with each and every passing day.

They looking at this with bare eyes while we looking at it with eyes that have a good understanding of what music that soothes your soul and heals the heart sounds like.

I know some people will understand all of this and some won’t but thats okay. All I truly know is that, I Love House/Dance Music and it truly is My First love ♥

Chicago’s Very Own


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If you can’t figure out from the title who this piece is on then I suggest you quickly do a little search just so you get up to speed, after all Chicago’s Very Own or CVO should be a direct giveaway. If you have heard or noticed the saying “Sophisticated Dance Music”, then you should also know he is one of the people who have contributed to that movement.

Being a person from Chicago, his music is in line with having infused elements of Jazz, Soul and Disco purely because those are the influences he was surrounded by. With the originators of House music also coming from Chicago; the likes Frankie Knuckles, of Larry Heard and Lil Louie) it’s not hard to see where he drew his inspiration from.

Having started producing and djing in the late 80s, since then he has and still is keeping House Music alive even till today. The name Chicago’s Very Own started around the 90s of which is basically Glenn’s alter ego so to speak and by the looks of things, that name is a perfect fit.

Glen Crocker (real name) is still as popular now as he was back then. Having worked with a number of artists and doing a great deal of remixes for the likes of Larry Heard, The Rurals, Byron Stingily and Ralf Gum… just to name a few; lovers of the Underground Jazzy House scene have stayed faithful to his sound as much as he has been loyal to it.


Top Favourite Tracks/Remixes

  1. Glenn Underground – Ninja
  2. Glenn Underground – The Ism’s (Anthony Nicholson Sleazy Remix)
  3. Soul Element ft. Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya (Glenn Underground True Peak Time Mix)
  4. Glenn Underground ft. Cei-Bei – House Music will Never Die (CVO’s Bismmark Hotel Mix)
  5. Glenn Underground pres. L’Renee – My Life (Ricardo Miranda Dub)
  6. Glenn Underground – To the King O.I.
  7. Vick Lavender ft. Peter Jericho – What A Poor Boy Wants (Glenn Undergrounds Poor Boy Remix)
  8. Glenn Underground – Shiloh (A King’s Return)
  9. Face ft. Jennifer Perryman – Free (Glenn Underground SJU Rewerk)
  10. Glenn Underground – Out With The Old (GU’s Nostalgia)


♥ “House was and always will be… a way of life.” ♥

Glenn Underground

Chicago’s Very Own


Sean McCabe – It’s Time


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Sean McCabe

It’s Time Album/2xLP

Label: Z Records

Sean McCabe

A Little More Love, Donae’O – I and RedSoul ft. Carla Prather – Save Me are some songs that fans of Sean McCabe know and remember him for. He describes his style as “warm and soulful” of which is quite spot on.

Having been producing for over 10 years, he has had time to develop and mould his sound into something that will last for years to come… nothing but Soul throughout every song. His style of music ranges from Disco all the way to Garage House showing his versatile production skills and no matter which sub-genre you like, Sean McCabe is able to make you love what you are hearing.

As a producer he has worked with great artists and has done a number of remixes that haven’t been forgotten. He has given us some remarkable collaborations with the likes of Stephanie Cooke, Nathan Adams, Groove Assassin and Adeola Ranson.

DJing, he has traveled moving souls and impressing crowds. Locally in South Africa, he has frequented the country mostly playing at House 22 (PTA), Shaguma and other events in and around Johannesburg. One thing that is evident is that he prefers playing for a smaller crowd compared to playing for big crowds.

Listening to any of his work is like being on a musical high… one you don’t want to end and luckily for the listeners, he has given us yet another dosage of musical goodness, this time on his solo project.

The groovy, smooth and chilled sounds of “All of The Above” kick starts this 17 tracked album making way for greater expectations for what will follow from him. The laid back vocals delivered by Big Ed coupled with rhythmic beats and the electric piano sounds make this a track you can’t help but find yourself enjoying whether you into this kind of sound or not. A little more upbeat compared to All of The Above, “Gotta Believe” is yet another groovy soulful track of which he features the London born songstress Sabrina Chyld.

If you are familiar with his remix to Nativeroots ft. ZanoTaking Over the World then you will also be fond of this one. “Reach Out” featuring Hennah Khemoh possesses the Sean McCabe elements we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s very difficult and virtually impossible to NOT enjoy this album from beginning to end. Finding such an album that possesses quality production, one song after the other isn’t something we see often and because of that Sean McCabe will remain a favorite.

Top Picks: Embrace You ft. Migosy*

                Tomorrow’s Another Day ft. Donae’O*


  1. All of The Above ft. Big Ed
  2. Everything’s Alright ft. Erik Dilard
  3. Something About You ft. Jennifer Wellace
  4. Holding On
  5. Who’s Foolin’ Who ft. Diane Charlemagne
  6. Love For Life ft. Renn
  7. Want Me
  8. Tomorrow’s Another Day ft. Donae’O
  9. Sunday Lazin’
  10. Finally ft. Taliwa
  11. Somethin’ For Nothin’
  12. Found My Way
  13. Reach Out ft. Hannah Khemoh
  14. Embrace You ft. Migosy
  15. Back To Front ft. Nathan Adams
  16. Gotta Believe ft. Sabrina Chyld
  17. Last Expression
It's Time

It’s Time


Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ (9/10)

Cue_Note Top 50 of 2014


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I know it has been majorly quiet on my side but been working hard to make sure Cue_Note gives you nothing but the best in House Music.

It’s been a great six months thus far and I’m looking forward to the continuation of the journey we have already embarked on. With that being said, it is only fair we end this year off with a list of the Top 50 2014 tracks as we count down the hours till we reach 2015. Absolutely cannot wait to see the New Year for this is where labels, producers, artists and vocalists will surely bless us again with great tunes for the soul.

Just like any other year in House Music, 2014 saw the release of some great and super-hot tracks (nationally and internationally) that are still being enjoyed even till TODAY and some will surely be seen as Classics as the years progress and they get sweeter with time.

With no more time wasted… Let’s Get Down To It


My Top 50 Tracks of 2014

50. Genius of Time – Djungel

49. Fred Everything – Take A Rest (Original Mix)

48. Zaki – Late Nights (Original Mix)

47. Patlac – Avenir

46. Shur-I-Kan – Blue Giraffe (Original Mix)

45. Pezzner ft. Amina – One up (Drop of Fears) (Pezzner Remix)

44. High Heels Breaker ft. Sarah Palin – Come Easy (Jimi Jules Remix)

43. Spiritchaser ft. Orlando Vaughan – All I See (Main Mix)

42. The Checkup – In Your Soul

41. Souldynamic ft. Robert Walker – I Can (Original Mix)


40. Hyenah – The Wish (Manoo Likes Apfelschorle Remix)

39. The Checkup – In Your Soul

38. The Journeymen & Jarrad Lees – Temperance (Original Mix)

37. Matt Prehn, Griffin – Dark Circles (Original mix)

36. Montana & Stewart ft. Stephanie Cooke – Last Dance (Original Mix)

35. I AM X – Lean On Me (Rancido’s Traveling Soul Guide Mix)

34. Cuebur – I See You ft. Vikter Duplaix (Andre Lodemann Remix)

33. Martin Iveson – Cobra XL (An Afefe Iku Offering)

32. Nathan Adams – Stay Away (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)

31. Luka ft. Alison Crockett – Love Grow (Keys Snow Remix)


30. Creative Swing Alliance – Mother Water

29. The Black 80s – Give Me Something (Jullian Gomes Remix)

28. Justin Imperiale, Max Paparella – Alma Del Sonido (Lilac Jeans Piano Version)

27. Zulumafia – House Music After Death (Zulu Main Perc Mix)

26. Soul Minority – Plough Hand Blues (Secret Souls Remix)

25. Steve Paradise – Zultan (Pablo Fierro Remix)

24. Louie Vega, Axel Tosca – Sunlight (Louie Vega Roots Mix with Axel Solo)

23. Jullian Gomes – Love Song 28 (Charles Webster Mix 1)

22. Riccio – Pretty Eyes (Andrés Remix)

21. Right To Life – Subway (Micky More Supersonic Mix)


20. Rancido – Thief (Atjazz Remix)

19. Djeff Afrozila, Tchoboly – Minha Vizinha (Instrumental)

18. Soul of Hex – Lip Reading

17. Brett Dancer – Someone

16. Kiko Navarro – Mandala

15. Mannmademusic – Rough Times (Thatmanmonkz Remix)

14. Detroit Swindle ft. Mayer Hawthorne – 64 Ways

13. LTS – Drifting (Nathan G Re_Feel)

12. Portia Monique – Reel People – Grace (Reel People Vocal Mix)

11. Nick Holder, Sacha – Time (Dvine Brothers Club Mix)


  1. D Malice & Jonny Miller ft. Sabrina Chyld – Let It Grow (Original Mix)

EP: Status                                                    Label: DM Recordings

  1. Bas Amro ft. Kennifer – Across the street (Original Mix)

EP: You & Me                                               Label: Freerange Records

  1. Thatmanmonkz ft. Dnae – Be With Me

EP: Please Don’t Slip Trip or Fall of (12”)        Label: Delusions of Grandeur

  1. Rancido – 104 (Original Mix)

Album: Thief                                                Label: Atjazz Record Company

  1. Rocco, Khensy – Still Water (Lars Behrenroth Remix)

Single: Still Water (Remixes)                         Label: House Afrika

  1. Luka Jaidene Veda – Overstanding (Sir Lsg Remix)

Album: Producer Series vol.2                         Label: Soul Candi Records

  1. Essential-I, Samantha Faison – Directions (Essential-I’s Deeper Mix)

 Single: Directions (Remixes)                         Label: Deeptone Recordings

  1. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes ft. Bucie – Out of My Life

EP: Out of My Life                                        Label: Atjazz Record Company

  1. Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz – Count Your Blessings (Main Mix)

EP: Africa My Home                                       Label: Aluka Records

  1. Dario D’Attis ft. Lisa Shaw – All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix)

Album: All Over Again                                    Label: Lapsas Music


Hope you enjoyed going through the list.

Till we meet again through music in the new year, its See You Soon from me.

Don’t forget to >>>>>>> Keep It Soulful and Deep <<<<<<<<<<




Miss Cue_Note



Nqobile Makhubu



Bas Amro – You & Me EP


TITLE: You & Me EP (12”)

ARTIST: Bas Amro

LABEL: Freerange

RELEASED: 15 September 2014

I’m sure this name is probably fairly new to most and I wouldn’t blame you. I also came across him a few years ago and when that happened I was highly impressed and it was love ever since then. The one thing that I love about him and his sound is that no matter the production, you will be lured and attracted to it immediately. If you can do that in your own unique way then you have won me over.

It’s not every day you are impressed by a young producer but Bas Amro can do that with ease and all this from his greatly produced work of art. Bas Amro hails from the Netherlands and he started his production journey as a teenager having his first release coming out in 2008. Ever since then he has been sweeping djs, producers and listeners off their feet and has and still is getting acclaim all over the world.

One thing that definitely stands out is that whenever listening to his music you just go through a whole set of emotions all at once. His sound is deep but yet funky with some robust and spirited elements that make you want to dance. I don’t think there are any limitations when it comes to his production style and whether you listen to his music today, tomorrow or even ten years down the line, you still go through the exact same emotions as you did the first time round.

Focusing on his more recent release, I have to say out of the 12 inch vinyl “Across the Street” on Side 2 is the ultimate track that I would definitely recommend with no hesitations. The fact that you don’t have to wait 30 seconds to a minute just to hear the introduction of sounds/melodies is a plus. The soft and soothing vocals coming from Kennifer coupled with every aspect of the track including instrumentations just make this a great track. There are these breaks throughout the song that just kind of tease you a little bit before the beats kick in again and those are enough to drive anyone crazy for the song.

Side 1

You & Me (Original Mix)

Side 2

Across The Street (Original Mix)*

You & Me (Matt Karnil Remix)


Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ (9/10)

Timeless music is what I can definitely dub it to be.


Bas Amro