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Sean McCabe

It’s Time Album/2xLP

Label: Z Records

Sean McCabe

A Little More Love, Donae’O – I and RedSoul ft. Carla Prather – Save Me are some songs that fans of Sean McCabe know and remember him for. He describes his style as “warm and soulful” of which is quite spot on.

Having been producing for over 10 years, he has had time to develop and mould his sound into something that will last for years to come… nothing but Soul throughout every song. His style of music ranges from Disco all the way to Garage House showing his versatile production skills and no matter which sub-genre you like, Sean McCabe is able to make you love what you are hearing.

As a producer he has worked with great artists and has done a number of remixes that haven’t been forgotten. He has given us some remarkable collaborations with the likes of Stephanie Cooke, Nathan Adams, Groove Assassin and Adeola Ranson.

DJing, he has traveled moving souls and impressing crowds. Locally in South Africa, he has frequented the country mostly playing at House 22 (PTA), Shaguma and other events in and around Johannesburg. One thing that is evident is that he prefers playing for a smaller crowd compared to playing for big crowds.

Listening to any of his work is like being on a musical high… one you don’t want to end and luckily for the listeners, he has given us yet another dosage of musical goodness, this time on his solo project.

The groovy, smooth and chilled sounds of “All of The Above” kick starts this 17 tracked album making way for greater expectations for what will follow from him. The laid back vocals delivered by Big Ed coupled with rhythmic beats and the electric piano sounds make this a track you can’t help but find yourself enjoying whether you into this kind of sound or not. A little more upbeat compared to All of The Above, “Gotta Believe” is yet another groovy soulful track of which he features the London born songstress Sabrina Chyld.

If you are familiar with his remix to Nativeroots ft. ZanoTaking Over the World then you will also be fond of this one. “Reach Out” featuring Hennah Khemoh possesses the Sean McCabe elements we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s very difficult and virtually impossible to NOT enjoy this album from beginning to end. Finding such an album that possesses quality production, one song after the other isn’t something we see often and because of that Sean McCabe will remain a favorite.

Top Picks: Embrace You ft. Migosy*

                Tomorrow’s Another Day ft. Donae’O*


  1. All of The Above ft. Big Ed
  2. Everything’s Alright ft. Erik Dilard
  3. Something About You ft. Jennifer Wellace
  4. Holding On
  5. Who’s Foolin’ Who ft. Diane Charlemagne
  6. Love For Life ft. Renn
  7. Want Me
  8. Tomorrow’s Another Day ft. Donae’O
  9. Sunday Lazin’
  10. Finally ft. Taliwa
  11. Somethin’ For Nothin’
  12. Found My Way
  13. Reach Out ft. Hannah Khemoh
  14. Embrace You ft. Migosy
  15. Back To Front ft. Nathan Adams
  16. Gotta Believe ft. Sabrina Chyld
  17. Last Expression
It's Time

It’s Time


Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ (9/10)