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Running his record label namely Harmonie Park Records, he is a man of many wonders. Having done a long list of original productions and remixed for the likes of Dubbyman, Deep Woods, Damien Zala, Francesco Bonora, Marcello Arletti; he is still growing stronger with consistent releases.

Rick Wade is a name familiar to the lovers of the underground sound and for good reason. His music is one that has meaning and so much depth to it. By simply listening to it you get engulfed by so much emotion and thoughts, that you find it becomes really hard to set yourself free from the endless expressions that your inner being has been suppressing for a very long time. From the first time you hear the sound of the bass right until the last beat, you find yourself hooked onto his music with very little chance of escaping the addiction that comes with good quality music.

The one thing we love with House/Dance Music is that once you have established a bond with it, it’s very hard to break free from it. You feel as if you are one with it and it’s one with you, a bond that lasts a lifetime. This is exactly what happens when you get to listen to his Melancholy of Rick wade EP. If you are not familiar to his sound then this is the EP defiantly worth listening to get a personal feel and idea of what he represents, which some would say is the “Essence of Deep”.

Melancholy of Rick Wade EP (Digital)

Label: Harmonie Park Records

Released: 02 March 2015

Genre: Deep House


Melancholy (Original Mix)

Waveheart (Original Mix)

Grimshifter ft. Marissa Guzman (Original Mix)


The title of this EP is really different from what we see on a daily basis. Despite the depressing name of the EP, it really does bring forth emotions that are completely opposite to the gloom feel the name brings.

If you are a Bassline fan then you will thoroughly enjoy Melancholy as well as Waveheart. With the bass being the star player so to speak, it lays the perfect foundation for all the other instrumental elements to fall into place as the seconds pass. On Grimshifter, Marrisa Guzman is on the vocals bringing something slightly different to the EP…. Mellow but yet soothing Deep Sounds is what you can expect from this.

There is nothing as frustrating as hearing a superbly constructed song but you just cannot get your hands on it due to it being released on vinyl only. What’s great about this is that it was released on vinyl some years ago and now it has been released for the first time digitally, making it a lot easier for his fans to carry on enjoying his music with no limitations apart from ones very own mind.

Other Releases

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  • Vinyl Refresher EP (Digital)

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  • Feel The Funk EP (Digital)

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  • Tech Breed EP (Vinyl)

Forthcoming: 27 April 2015


rick wade

“Music unlocks the borders of my mind. Expanding beyond linear perception, music literally sets me free…”  Rick Wade