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Just as any community mourns a death of one of its beloved members, so do House Heads.

Last night (7th March 2015) was a sad night as the news of Ethan Whites passing was starting to spread all over social networks. For most people if not all, it surely was hard to believe that the co-founder of Tortured Soul; a House Music group that is loved by the masses has passed on. The passing of any person whether a loved one or a person who was a part of your life despite not knowing them can and does sadden even the strongest of hearts.

Apart from his individual work he was also a member of DunnEASY, working with Ed Dunn on such tracks as Won’t Stop and Rise up which featured Monique Bingham and Danii respectively. Of course though he’s biggest and memorable contributions come from his group membership with Tortured Soul as the keyboardist not to mention the timeless remixes he has done.

Whether you have had the chance to work with him or all you have are memories from songs done by him that you still sing along to even today, one thing is definitely certain, he will be greatly missed. His contribution to the House/Dance Music scene is one that has never gone unnoticed and this won’t stop now either.

Messages from artists he has worked with as well as fans all over the world have been pouring in since yesterday proving that music can truly unite us all in ways no one could possibly imagine.

Ethan White

Another great in the long list of Greats has departed and the House\Dance Music Community mourns his passing and will always celebrate his work for music and those who have blessed us continue to live on.