The beauty that is House Music is that no matter your mood, your day or current life situation, it has a way of making EVERYTHING feel okay.

The chaos that occurs in our every day lives can sometimes drive us alil insane but because you find comfort in this music we love we know with each track you play back, it will somehow comfort you.

Most people don’t understand why we feel so deeply about it but they not looking past the fact that it’s just a track with some beats and instruments and maybe a few vocals.

They don’t understand that… this music that we love also possess emotions, thoughts, ideas and most imporatntly Love. A love so deep you feel like you are the track and that particular track is YOU! They can’t feel what we feel with each and every passing day.

They looking at this with bare eyes while we looking at it with eyes that have a good understanding of what music that soothes your soul and heals the heart sounds like.

I know some people will understand all of this and some won’t but thats okay. All I truly know is that, I Love House/Dance Music and it truly is My First love ♥