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If you can’t figure out from the title who this piece is on then I suggest you quickly do a little search just so you get up to speed, after all Chicago’s Very Own or CVO should be a direct giveaway. If you have heard or noticed the saying “Sophisticated Dance Music”, then you should also know he is one of the people who have contributed to that movement.

Being a person from Chicago, his music is in line with having infused elements of Jazz, Soul and Disco purely because those are the influences he was surrounded by. With the originators of House music also coming from Chicago; the likes Frankie Knuckles, of Larry Heard and Lil Louie) it’s not hard to see where he drew his inspiration from.

Having started producing and djing in the late 80s, since then he has and still is keeping House Music alive even till today. The name Chicago’s Very Own started around the 90s of which is basically Glenn’s alter ego so to speak and by the looks of things, that name is a perfect fit.

Glen Crocker (real name) is still as popular now as he was back then. Having worked with a number of artists and doing a great deal of remixes for the likes of Larry Heard, The Rurals, Byron Stingily and Ralf Gum… just to name a few; lovers of the Underground Jazzy House scene have stayed faithful to his sound as much as he has been loyal to it.


Top Favourite Tracks/Remixes

  1. Glenn Underground – Ninja
  2. Glenn Underground – The Ism’s (Anthony Nicholson Sleazy Remix)
  3. Soul Element ft. Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya (Glenn Underground True Peak Time Mix)
  4. Glenn Underground ft. Cei-Bei – House Music will Never Die (CVO’s Bismmark Hotel Mix)
  5. Glenn Underground pres. L’Renee – My Life (Ricardo Miranda Dub)
  6. Glenn Underground – To the King O.I.
  7. Vick Lavender ft. Peter Jericho – What A Poor Boy Wants (Glenn Undergrounds Poor Boy Remix)
  8. Glenn Underground – Shiloh (A King’s Return)
  9. Face ft. Jennifer Perryman – Free (Glenn Underground SJU Rewerk)
  10. Glenn Underground – Out With The Old (GU’s Nostalgia)


♥ “House was and always will be… a way of life.” ♥

Glenn Underground

Chicago’s Very Own