For the longest of times we’ve had the pleasures of being graced by international artists performing in our beautiful country. It doesn’t really matter the genre, whether it was Hip Hop, Rock or House Music; we enjoyed seeing our favourite artists performing for those who love and enjoy what they do.

Over the years the House Music industry has had the same experience with House 22 being probably the main place you’d expect to find your favorite artists perform not to mention one or two annual music events and of course the Rooftop experience that has taken over. Apart from the Mother of All Parties and Spring Fiesta that house some popular artists all in one roof, we had yet to experience something different and completely out of this world. Yeah sure, we love seeing the usual suspects such as Rocco, Atjazz and Lars but a new face, new look and experience has always brought a lot of excitement to the forefront of any event.

Future Fusion Festival was meant to bring about that change and feel we needed to be baptized in pure awesomeness making us whole again, having experience such all in 3 nights. The entire concept was something entirely different compared to the one night events we’ve come to know. The thing that excited us the most was the fact that there were going to be International headliners we have never seen/heard play before. For those 3 nights we were all going to be virgins getting our first taste of pure magnificence.

Now having laid down what was supposed to be a great event, it’s a sad reality to know that at this point in time that’s all it will ever be… A DREAM. Just like the handful of people who were genuinely excited for this I’m also among those who were gutted to find out it was postponed due to poor ticket sales amongst other things. Overall I think I’m more disappointed at the fact that I let myself believe that we as “House Heads” would pull together just this once and show our underlying loyalty and support, the same support that is always and forever splashed on social networks which at times seems to be accompanied by a lot of fakeness.

We really are a very interesting species if I say so myself and from what I’ve observed it’s safe to say we slowly are a dying breed. Quite frankly I feel we’d rather fade away with time then to see the people who claim to love the music suck the life out of it for the sake of fitting in.

As a country that is seen and regarded as one of the top consumers of House/Dance Music, it’s really baffling when such things happen. When such events like FF Festival are being introduced to us, the very same people who always wanting change and new experiences; yet when they are here we can support them. I think we honestly have a sickness of all talk and little to no action. When it comes down to it, it seems our mouths run faster than a track playing at 140 beats per minute with our actions lagging behind, if they are there to begin with.

When you look at our very own artists who travel the continents blessing souls musically, the amount of support is unfathomable and we as a country feel proud to see that love being shown to our own. I guess it’s easier to receive love then it is to show love whether for our own or for another.

Like I said earlier, we are still pretty new to this and we really do have room for improvement and change but what good is that if we are not even trying to rectify the wrongs we see? What was started and set in motion will slowly but surely come to a complete stop if we are not careful. Let’s us try to be full supporters through it all and keep the Deep and Soul alive.