Just a couple of months back I had asked a very popular dj and producer whether he feels House/Dance Music will die off and of course he said he said No, of which his response wasn’t too far off. Only problem is that this artist isn’t a local one meaning that his answer is based on the positive that he gets to see, that’s if it’s visible to his naked eye. If I had to ask any other local artist/producer the exact same question I had asked Shur-I-Kan I’m pretty sure I’d get a completely different answer.

Funny how when I was drafting this piece Sir LSG had also posed the exact same question on twitter of which lead to a discussion of some sort.

@SirLSG_SA: “How will House Music continue to grow, when House Music doesn’t support House Music?…”

I could relay my answer and what was said thereafter but to cut the long story short, there is a lot of room for improvement after all we still somewhat pretty new to this, making it a lot more easier for us to adopt new methods and ideas that will try address certain issues but would that still help what seems to be a dying species?

For years we have been musically evolving, changing ways we do things and perfecting our own local sound and quality but it doesn’t seem to have helped much; I could be wrong of course. The very same people who demand #GoodQualityMusic are the ones who barely take time out to support it to the maximum extent. We want the good stuff but are we prepared to cough up money to buy it? Or we always looking for a quick fix from others. I got the shock of my life when I came across a page on Facebook that basically is all about sharing music and no one seems to care that that is someone’s hard work. “Yes… we love you kind sir but No we won’t buy your music with our money”. “Yes, we will support you by sharing what I do have with others”. Sad thing to see. I remember the times when people would be proud to own a copy of their favourite album… where has that spirit gone too I wonder? Support isn’t just writing a status about your favourite song…. its deeper then that.

I mean some if not most would have noticed that at times artists who have mastered their craft, musical identity and sound complain about the lack of support. Artists who have been loyal to the game are starting to cross over to mold themselves in a different light, a light that doesn’t run along the House Music spectrum.

Constantly I’ve asked myself why this happens, why is it that we don’t support what we love and where exactly are we going wrong. These are truly questions that need to be asked in order to try shed some light on what seems to be a growing problem.

Yes, as much as our industry is growing and housing a lot more musical talent than before, the underlying wound that seems to be tearing us apart isn’t being taken care of which ultimately makes it harder to maintain the good that has/is coming out from this. What has become apparent is that it seems we just don’t know what we want. We seem to be everywhere, hopping around like we are clueless. Our mood when it comes to House Music has elements of complete extremes. One minute we are up, the next we are down. We want this today and once we get it, it’s not good enough and we want something else. Things won’t change if we as loyal fans are too afraid to speak out and share our concerns. We keep on overlooking things in hopes that the next person will do something and this becomes a never ending cycle, with people wanting change but only a handful willing to do something about it.