Dario D’Attis ft. Lisa Shaw – All Over Again EP


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TITLE: All Over Again

ARTIST: Dario D’Attis featuring Lisa Shaw

LABEL: Lapsas Music

RELEASED: 22 September 2014

  • All Over Again (Original Extended Vocal)
  • All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix)
  • All Over Again (Underground Dub)
  • All Over Again (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix) -Tech House-
  • All Over Again (Extended Reprise)

Earlier this year, he brought us Sad Story which features Aoide and now he is back along with Lisa Shaw. Coming from Switzerland, his All Over Again track has been making rounds and it doesn’t seem like the hype behind the song will die off anytime soon. Apart from his original work, he has worked on remixes for Lisa Shaw, Haldo and Distant People.

Dario has featured a legendary artist who happens to be one of the most influential people in the Deep House culture alongside Ben Watt, Fish Go Deep, Julius Papp and many more. Since she made her debut in the year of 1995 with the single “Makin’ Love Makin’ Music” she has collaborated and worked on a number of projects to date including Fred Everythings’ “Here I Am” of which is still a favourite to many people and “Holdin’ On” by Lovebirds.

Lisa Shaw has done what she does best and that is to melt our hearts with her warm and soothing voice that compliments the work of Dario D’attis so well. It’s a magical experience listening to every bit of the song especially in the Extended Reprise.

Not a lot of reprises are done, so it’s always exciting to get a chance to listen to them. Just like how painters start off with a few basic colours and as they carry on painting they add more to it and before you know it, you have yourself a piece of art… the same applies here. The song kicks off with just the clap, piano and of course the sweet vocals from the songstress and with each passing minute or so, there’s an addition of rattling sounds from the shakers, the bass, subtle plays from strings before becoming a lot more clear as they are heard over the clap and Lisa’s voice. Down side from this is that since it’s an extended reprise, eventually it becomes a drag to keep listening too. If you enjoy the Extended Reprise then chances are the Original Version as well as the Underground Dub will be a favourite.

It’s rare to find a track that gets so much love from masses instantly after it gets heard and the Rocco Deep Mix has gotten almost everyone falling for it every single time. Rocco is a well and beloved name in the house scene and why wouldn’t he be. With each and every remix or even original work he does, he manages to have something that will be thoroughly enjoyed for years to come. His mix to this track is a perfect combined balance between his usual Deep and Reconstruction remix sounds so it makes for that perfect track that is loved by everyone.

One thing you can expect from this is an EP that has a track which caters for almost every feeling one can possibly feel when listening in.

all over again

All Over Again

Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬  (8/10)


Female Vocalists


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The craze for vocal tracks is one that isn’t new and it’s here to stay. The beauty of vocal tracks is that they tell a story that we ourselves sometimes fail to tell, not because we cannot but simply because at that point in time, we just can’t put it together in a way that expresses with precision exactly what it is we feel. Now put that together with a vocalist who can sing beautifully and you get a great vocal song that’s for the heart, mind and soul.

Jaidene Veda

  • Luka ft. Jaidene Veda – Overstanding (Sir Lsg Remix)
  • Monodeluxe ft. Jaidene Veda – Change (Jason B Remix)

If you remember Nick Holder – Sunday then you know this young songstress since she was behind the lovely vocals. Not only is she a singer but she is also a songwriter, producer and sound designer. Based in Canada, she has a long list of projects she has done with a number of producers including Marco Fracasso, The Rurals, Osaze, Ralf Gum etc. Currently Peng Soul was released this month and it includes a track done by Andy Compton featuring Jai titled Imagination.

  • Tom Conrad ft. Jaidene Veda – The One (Trancemicsoul Break Up Mix)*

Angelic is the best way to describe her voice especially in this remix by Trancemicsoul. The vocals here are so innocent and pure that you instantly fall in love with her voice. The rest of the song and how it’s been aligned and coordinated to just bring out the richness of the harmonies is incredible. The beats/instrumentation don’t overpower the vocals and vice versa. There’s just a perfect balance of unity in the.

Stephanie Cooke

  • Stephanie Cooke, Doc Link & Angel-A – Shine (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
  • Reelsoul Ft. Stephanie Cooke – A Thousand Ways

The first thing one gets to do when they hear her is to smile, well at least I do. There’s just something about her voice that just causes one to smile instantly. Married to Kenny Bobien, who also happens to be another sensational vocalist and together or individually they can bring a gospel feel to any song. She has worked with the likes of Studio Apartment, Sean McCabe, Soul Creation, Blaze, Montana & Stewart.

  • Duce Martinez Feat Stephanie Cooke – Could this Be Love (Jon Cutler’s Distant Music Mix)*

Her voice is very soulful with elements of being tender, warm and welcoming. You honestly could listen to her and not get tired of doing so; she also knows how to connect RnB flavour to house music. Her voice blends effortlessly with the remix done by Jon Cutler

Lady Alma

  • Lady Alma and The Rainmakers – Let It Fall (Main Mix)
  • Mark De Clive Lowe Presents Lady Alma & Rahel – Lady Alma- I can’t Help It

Lady Alma Horton is an extraordinary singer with a voice that can hit those deep or low notes with such ease. You can tell by her voice that she is a strong individual and a force to be reckoned with. Her fans coming from all over the globe and in the list of fans Les Nubians, Musiq Soulchild and Kindred are amongst them. No matter who she works with there is one thing that constantly stands out and that’s the soul inherent in her voice every time. Restless Soul, 4Hero, Beaten Soul, Fanatix and Dj Spinna are people she has worked with and one can be certain there’ll be more to be added in that list.

  • MdCL pres. Lady Alma – Far Away (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)*

Mark De Clive-Lowe or better known as MdCL is a great artist, producer and composer and whenever The Layabouts get involved and decide to do a remix to a MdCL track, it just surpasses anyone’s expectations. Now take that remix and add Lady Alma and the result… Far Away.

Shea Soul

  • The Layabouts, Shea Soul – Let Me Go (Original)
  • Shea Soul – Where Did You Go (Atjazz Remix)

This young lady from the UK is a singer, songwriter and dj who made herself known to many of us when The Layabouts featured her in Perfectly. She may not have a long list of projects in comparison to her counterparts but her work thus far is impressive nevertheless. Joey Negro, SMI, Restless Soul, Phlash & Friends, Timmy Regisford are producers she has worked with to date.

  • Phil Asher ft. Shea Soul – Can’t Go Back (Main Mix)*

Her voice is sweet but powerful and highly expressive. It’s very different, unique and modulated which is great since you can’t mistake her voice for someone else’s. Since its powerful she knows just how to modulate or control it so it’s not too overpowering but rather it is perfectly delivered.

Rachel Claudio

  • Boddhi Satva ft. Rachelle Claudio – All I’m Asking (Main Mix)
  • Deep Inc. ft. Rachel Claudio – Surely Certainly (Original Mix)
  • Ralf Gum ft. Rachel Claudio – If No Harm (Ralf Gum meets RyB Remix)*
  • Rachel is an Australian singer, songwriter, composer, producer and pianist who currently is living in Paris. In some songs she actually writes, produces, sings and perfoms all instruments used which is really impressive. She has collaborated with the likes of Dj Yass, Dj Fudge, Martin Solveig, Dimitri, Hanna Hais, Alton Miller, Chappell etc. Not only is she a house vocalist she has worked with a number of Hip Hop artists.

      The list of vocalists is a long one but here are some names of other female vocalists you could look into

      Lisa Shaw

      Monique Bingham

      Zara McFarlane

      Tamara Wellons

      Marie Tweek

      Heidi Vogal

      Adeola Ranson

      Portia Monique


      Lisa Fischer

      Cindy Mizelle


      Portia Monique

      Alison Crockett


      Samantha Faison

      Natalie* Walker

      Racquel Dwyer


      And the list goes on…


      Rachel Claudio, Lady Alma, Jaidene Veda, Shea Soul, Stephanie Cooke


    Interview with Chymamusique


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    It’s very seldom to find a producer who makes his presence known during his first online release and not only was this felt but it seemed like with each passing year since he started producing, he made sure to make a mark and release songs that are enjoyed by the masses. After winning 3 major remix competitions in one year, it didn’t end there for him. He has shared stages with the likes of Atjazz, Charles Webster, QB Smith, and Glen Lewis to name a few and released Jazz vs. Soulful vol. 1 earlier this year.

    With yet another release that came out in July and released under Chymamusiq Records, Cue Note got a chance to interview him and this is what he had to say:



    Firstly let me begin by thanking you for agreeing to be featured on the blog and taking time out to do this with us, it’s greatly appreciated.


    1. Before we jump into the more serious questions, let’s find out a little bit about who Chymamusique is outside of music.

    Chymamusique’s real names are Collen Ntala Mmotla.  I’m a brother of 2 and the only son in my family. I’m from a town called Burgersfort which is on the boarder of Mpumalanga and Limpopo province.


    2. Most people who are now producers fell in love with house music first, then became djs then thereafter decided to get into the production side of things but with you it was slightly different. You were a pianist first, fell in love with house music then decided to get into producing. Did you find that whole shift to be challenging or your experience as a pianist made it somewhat easier?

    Being a pianist actually helped me learn many things about music as a whole. I think it was a great advantage for me to learn how to play keys before venturing into music production.


    3. You started learning how to produce in 2005 so when exactly did your love for house music surface and which album/songs would you say planted the seed for this love?

    I always loved house music since year 2003 even though I was more of a church boy, my actual first love was jazz music and any house track that had a jazzy feel just made me feel good inside. So as most producers started leaving soulful house production for afro house I saw a gap and started my own thing.


    4. In most cases when anyone enters a competition they pray they win at least one out of the many they had entered. In your case you won 3 remix competitions in 2010 alone. Tell us a little about that and the response from people thereafter?

    I think remixing was always one thing that I loved because it didn’t give me lot of work to record but just to make a beat that will sound great and suitable for the vocal that’s already recorded. After winning the remix competitions people started taking my work seriously and following me to events just to hear my unreleased new music.


    5. Now I have to know, how does it feel to hear your song being played on radio or when you hear your song being played at an event and you see people going crazy over it? Do you still get overwhelmed by that kind of response or you have gotten used to it over the years?

    It used to be overwhelming but now I’m used to it , not that I don’t get happier but I don’t tweet or call friends anymore when my song is played anywhere even if it’s by a top international DJ.


    6. Going slightly of topic… There is a theory going around that most (if not all) djs know how to dance and can dance really well. So on a scale of “I have 2 left feet” to “Usher has nothing on me”, how are your dancing skills?

    My dancing is terrible lol… I can only tap my feet and nod my head or rather jump up and down when a good song hits me hard.


    7. Leaving aside some of the international djs you’ve had the pleasure to play with in an event, who would Chyma still love to share a stage with?

    At the moment I think I still want to experience playing alongside Louie Vega and his orchestra Band.


    8. You have your own record label – Chymamusiq Records – that you started and it is doing really well. What exactly made you decide to start your own label?

    I started my own label because I had noticed that most big labels were avoiding soulful house music as they said, it isn’t as profitable as “sgubhu”.


    9. This year you have been a very busy person. Besides the remixes you have done and being featured on a number of compilations, you also released “Jazz vs. Soulful vol. 1” earlier this year and recently dropped your album “Gift of Sound”. How has the response been to all the work you have done more especially towards “Gift of Sound”?

    I’m honestly happy with the response I get about my album, its selling well even though some people pirate it I chose to look at the positive side of it and keep pushing.


    10.Is there anything else you have planned production wise that Chyma fans can look forward to in the near future?

     I’m planning on releasing an album for artists and producers under Chymamusiq Records”, the album will strictly contain our tracks and will be out in 2015.


    11.Any last words to aspiring youngsters who look up to you and would love to get to where you are right now?

    I would advise them to focus on studies and do music as a hobby because it’s not easy to pull through the industry and piracy is also killing the industry. The youngsters really need to study hard.


    Apart from his “Gift of Sound” album, you can catch some of his latest featured tracks in:

    • The Soul of Africa vol. 4
    • Music Box vol.7
    • Do For You ft. Komplexity
    • The Soul of Afrika vol.3

    To keep in touch with what he’ll be up to next, make sure to follow and/or like:

    Twitter: @Chymamusique

    Facebook Page: Chymamusique

    SoundCloud Page: Chymamusique

    Chymamusiq Records

    Chymamusiq Records


    Love for “Deep House” is never that Deep


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    It seems like the trend of calling oneself a “Deep House” head is growing bigger and stronger. It’s a shame that we are being deceived and well people seem to be deceiving themselves in the process. On a regular you find or hear people calling themselves using such a heading and it was only very recently I started to see way beyond the mere words. As they say, actions speak louder then words and this time actions and sometimes a lack of actions, seem to contradict the actual words.

    Nowadays it seems to be the in thing or cool to be seen as a deep house head and the statement seems to be thrown around very casually. Don’t get me wrong, being a deep house fan isn’t wrong but the actual problem lies when people claim to be such for the benefit of fitting in. It’s either, the meaning of deep house has changed over the years without realizing or we are just completely confused of which out of the two scenarios, the latter seems more plausible.

    People tend to sway wherever the wind blows them musically which could result in confusion if one keeps following trends they don’t completely understand. You find that just because a certain deep house track was popular for that time being, by merely listening to it they now all of a sudden have caught the deep house bug. I’d like to think it takes more than just liking one track from this subgenre to consider yourself a fan. I’m sure a lot of people woke up deep house heads after liking Dario D’Attis ft. Lisa Shaw – It’s not Over (Rocco Deep Mix) of which this love will last as long as the song getting airplay.

    Another possible contribution to this confusion may result from the lack of knowledge. Most people are forever looking to get free music that it doesn’t give them the opportunity to learn a few things about the music they claim to love.  Also as I’ve said a number of times, there’s so much more out there than your usual producer suspects. Knowing one or two producers out of the many that are out there doesn’t really count for much. We all love Rocco and Atjazz, they are great after all but realize there’s more outside of them.

    The sad but yet eye opening thing is that when there are actual events that cater for Deep/Nu Jazz/Broken Beat etc., the deep heads are never seen at either one of the many gigs that happen which leads to seeing the same faces since most people never show face. Or you’ll find they attend the gigs but find themselves bored out of their mind and you get to wondering how deep the love really is.

    Rather just say you are a lover of House music in general because once you mention a specific sub-genre you are a complete fan of, you end up trapping yourself. Loving house music as whole is not a bad thing, after all even producers themselves sometimes don’t produce one and the same thing. You’ll find as much as their main focus is Deep House they can go from deep, tech, tribal, soulful etc.

    So really, embrace what you love then to say you are one thing when you know that you really are not…. But that’s just my view.

    Manuel Tur – Es Cub


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    Manuel Tur                                                    Title: Es Cub

    Type: LP [CD/Vinyl]                                      Label: Freerange Records

    Released: May 2014

    Genre: Deep House/Tech House/Electronica

    Just a couple of months back we had actually asked ourself whatever happed to this artist since we hadn’t heard anything from him (in terms of original work) in a while if not years and months later, our thoughts were secretly heard by the House Gods. The person behind Mild Pitch, Vabanque and Feel is back with this 10 track LP.

    manuel tur

    The German producer has been doing really well for himself over the years and to learn that he is 20 something of age is remarkable. You definitely don’t find a lot of youngsters who love Deep House yet alone can create music that is enjoyed and complimented by other legendary artists. His love for electronic music and synths is evident in this album.

    1. Ara Anam*

    -Tech House-

    1. Es Cub*

    -Deep House-

    1. About To Fall*

    -Deep House-

    1. Werk*

    -Deep House-

    1. El Soplo


    1. Flux

    -Tech House-

    1. Basilea*


    1. MKS-70


    1. Es Dub


    1. Agrafena*

    -Deep House-

    As the opening track, Ara Anam really does deliver in keeping you wanting more as soon as you hear it. When this track starts, you can’t tell that it will keep picking up and you are only given a few minutes to get it together before the beat drops again and it continues. Es Cub was actually featured in the May edition of the Freerange Podcast done by Jimpster. This is yet another track that gets momentum as the play continues with some hints of synths here and there. Werk was the first track that grew on me and for very good reason. It’s one of those tracks that have this unique force to it whereby you just find yourself falling for it, you don’t know how or when it happens but it does. From the synths and keys to the different sounds added to it, it’s hard not to keep playing on repeat.

    This album just shows how versatile he can be production wise. Having a mixture of Deep, Tech and Electronic creations in one album and making sure that each track compliments the next and the album as a whole is a skill a few have mastered.

    On the down side though, one might feel it is a bit too much when it comes to certain tracks and when it’s compared to his previous work since it’s somewhat different from what his listeners have come to know from him. For instance most deep house people aren’t fans of Electronica so those tracks can be a miss to them since they can’t really understand or appreciate them as much as any other person who enjoys that kind of music more especially with MKS-70 as well as Es Dub.

    If you are a vinyl fan then don’t worry, you can get yourself Es Cub in 2 part releases making sure you don’t miss out on the good tunes. If you get the 2 part vinyls then MKS-70 as well as Agrafena won’t be included. Whether you a fan of Deep, Tech or Electronica, this album definitely made sure it caters to all these different styles and ears.

    Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ (7/10)

    manuel tur - es cub album

    Songs with (*) are a favourite.

    Lazy Days


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    It’s been awhile now and I have mentioned a number of producers and at times I would give a little information on the label they may be releasing under. Well… I decided it would be a great idea to also look at record labels which some of your favourite artists release under.

     Lazy Days Recordings

    This record label is one you would have heard of or have come across and I’m sure that if and when you see Lazy Days you just have to have Fred Everything in mind purely because that’s what he names the remixes he does and once you go through this, it will all come together as to why.


    Lazy Days Recordings

    As mentioned above Lazy Days is what Fred Everything commonly names the remixes he does and for a great reason too. In 2005 Fred Everything started Lazy Days Recordings and its sole purpose amongst other things was and still is (I hope) to “release a wide range of timeless and classic house music…” (lzdrecordings.com). It was from there on that the record label flourished and started bringing in different artists from all over the globe especially from Europe, to be a part of what is now probably a renowned label in the house music industry globally. It’s been less than 10yrs since it was founded and already it has released a number of popular LPs and EPs and this label has a remarkable list of artists it works with, namely:

    Artist – Favourite Tracks

    1. Atjazz Rancido – Thief (Atjazz Remix)

    Santos – Time of Our Lives (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

    Kerri Chandler – Rain (Atjazz Remx)

    Leon Ware – Love on the Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

    Soul Minority – Six-Nine (Atjazz Remix)

    2. Atnarko Thinking of you ft. Sam Mollison

    Animal Picnic – Lobster 37 (Atnarko Remix)

    3. Christian Prommer Jazzanova ft. Phonte – Look What You’re Doin To Me (Christian Prommer Remix)

    4. Fred Everything* Here I Am Ft. Lisa Shaw (Lazy Days Remix)

    Mercyless ft. Wayne Tennant (Original Mix)

    Street Luv (Original Mix)

    5. Lovebirds Mandrill



    Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes (Reprise)

    6. Pezzner Thinking of you ft. Sam Mollison (Pezzners Instrumental)

    Milton Jackson – Breathe (Pezzner Remix)

    Pezzner & Amina – One Up: Drop of Fears (Pezzner Remix)

    7. Roberto Rodriguez Loving You, Loving Me

    Fall Night

    Sixth Nonsense

    Kyodai – Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

    8. Shur-I-Kan The Whole Precious Things EP

    Whole Lotta Lover (Original Mix)

    Gripper (Original Mix)

    Right Now (Original Mix)

    Letting You Down (Original Mix)

    9. Tortured Soul Might Do Something Wrong ft. Christian Urich

    Don’t Hold Me Down

    Home To You

    Enjoy It Now (Original Mix)

    10. Vincenzo Vincenzo & Lovebirds – M.U.S.I.C

    The Hangover (Office Gossip Mix)

    Vincenzo & Talking Props – Seduction

    And many more

    This list just contains names of my favourite artists and to have 10 of them listed under one label is really something else. The label has released 5+ LPs and 25+ EPs over the past 9yrs it has been in the house music scene.

    Judging from what the label has done thus far, we can say with certainty that they have and still are achieving their purpose. These artists are familiar names to Deep House enthusiasts and if you are now a lover of this music then I’m sure these names and this label is one you should definitely get familiar with and remember.


    LZRecordings Artits

    LZRecordings Artits


    Letter to our Famous Deep House Djs


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    The weekend is upon us so I felt this would be a great friendly reminder to the djs who will be blessing us with good music this weekend and the next to come.

    Some of you remember this letter and some probably have no idea what it could be besides the little giveaway from the title. In a way it was an unofficial open letter to our djs but it wasn’t necessarily posted for everyone to see and in this letter I didn’t name drop or mention any specific dj who committed these crimes mentioned in the letter purely because I feel it should be addressed to all the djs we have come to love for the way they have played over the years, after all we are fans because what they’ve been doing all this time has really worked and it’s what sets them apart from the rest.

    I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have this expression on my face….


    Anyway this is what I had said…

    “Dear Famous Deep House Djs

    As a die-hard fan I always look forward to seeing you play and hearing your set because I know you’d never disappoint. I’ve heard you play a number of times before and have heard the compilations you have done so I know for a fact that mixing is something you have mastered and your track selection is forever on point. Now having said that let’s get down to the main issue at hand.

    If you are going to play at a gig, play what we as your fans know you to play. Don’t come to the townships only to play – for lack of a better word – nonsense, mixing deep house, commercial and igqomu (Kwaito/Durban House) all in one set, mixing on top of already mixed tracks and repeating the same set you played earlier as if we as the listeners present can’t tell.

    Believe it or not we know good music too; we know a good house set just as much as those people you play for at these famous clubs or high end events. It may be different scenes and vibe but the love for house music is the same. We as your fans are losing respect if we haven’t lost it already and simply because YOU don’t respect us enough.

    Vinny Da Vinci, China, Christos, 2Lani the Warrior to name a few always drop a clean and on point killer house sets because it doesn’t matter where they are… all that matters is the Music that has brought us to that very same spot, that’s why they will always be respected, be trendsetters and game changers.

    All I’m asking is that you leave the double standards behind and stop disrespecting us, yourselves and most of all, the music we love.


    A Traumatized House Head.”


    I’m sure a few of you will share my sentiments while others may not and you know what, it’s okay. Just be glad you haven’t heard it and hopefully things get better.

    Events Bringing Deep


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    I’m happy to announce that two more events are lined up for Durban and I’m sure people are getting excited if they aren’t already. This Deep House Movement that is currently happening in our city gets one excited and proud to be a Durbanite. Finally we too are getting a taste of good music almost every month and hopefully this trend that has started will continue to grow as time goes on.

    The 10th Annual Deep Trouble (Deep Unity)

    “A Decade of Deepness” is what this event will be celebrating with friends and family of the Deep House Movement (DHM) crew. Who would’ve known that 10yrs later, after this house event started that it’ll be celebrating such a milestone. This is no longer an event but a Unity which brings together everyone who shares in the love and passion, to gather together and just have fun while enjoying well delivered sets from your favourite local djs.

    10th annual deep trouble

    10th Annual Deep Trouble

    The Soul Revival

    I remember when I first heard of The Soul Revival, it was 2012 and the Soul Revival team had brought Ralf Gum to the City of Choice. Sadly I missed that event but I told myself that one day I will make it a point to attend it and I finally did and I never regretted the experience. Vinny Da Vinci was there, along with some of PMBs best djs. Seeing familiar faces and meeting new people who also share in the love for House Music = Priceless Moments.

    Durban got to experience their first Soul Revival and they got to know what it’s all about. After that awesome time that was had, The Soul Revival is back on the 4th October 2014 to bless Durban again and this time it’s the (Libra Edition).

    Soul Revival

    Soul Revival (Libra Edition)


    If you are around Durban on either of the weekends do make sure you join in on what will be a great House Experience. It would be awesome to get new people to be a part of something great that is unfolding in this city so hopefully we see some new faces.

    Rancido – 104

    Rancido is not a name commonly mentioned or spoken of by most people but those same people know of his sound. If you are one of those few who don’t really know of him, he brought us the track Brighter Days which featured Lex Empress and he did a remix to Priss – On my Way and he also remixed Uzongilinda of which those tracks were really popular amonsgt the listeners. For those lovers of that tribal and ancestral sound, he remixed a track done by Mzee ft. Malatji – The Ancestral Calling and it still “goes in” as most would say.

    Hailing from the Netherlands, this young producer and remixer has done remixes to tracks by Anane, Louie Vega, Marc Evans, Plastic People, Wayne Tennant to mention afew.

    Having listened to his solo productions as well as the remixes he has done, its safe to say he is one of those people who can remix the day lights out of any song. Having said that though, his 104 track is in a league of its own.

    >>>>>>>> 104 (Original Mix) <<<<<<<<<

    There are only a handful of songs that can get me emotional and this is one of them. The magnificence in this song is beyond anything I’ve heard in a long time. After listening to it I realised I actually have a profound love for tracks like this one. Besides his Deep/Drum Journey remixes, this is by far my favourite track by Rancido and I’m hoping he can do more productions like this. As much as it’s not called a “Deep Journey remix”, he maintained that feeling of going through an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end with this offering.

    Here’s what I absolutely love about this track….

    1. From the time it starts you somehow anticipate his usual and familar sound we’ve come to know him by but 1:14secs in, it changes and you patiently wait to here what’s coming next.
    2. The use of strings in this song is really something else. I’m sure if you weren’t a fan of such, you definitely will be immediately after hearing this.
    3. We’ve all come to hear of the saying  “my heart skipped a beat”… Well, you feel that here but in a musical sense. Throughout the track there are these moments where there’s a break for about a second or so before continuing with what it had already started. Last but not least,
    4. The Bassline

    There’s only one thing I don’t like or wish could change and that’s the fact that its only 5 minutes long. You get so caught up in the song you somehow feel robbed when you realise its over and you just wish it could keep playing for another 2-3 minutes. I guess too much of a good thing is bad (so they say).

    If you are a person who enjoys long drives whether during the day or night, I suggest you add this to your list of songs to play during that time. You won’t be disappointed.

    For more on the EP Thief of which this track was taken from, you can check out Reviews on http://www.houselegendmag.co.za which will be out soon.

    Keep It Soulful and Deep…

    Stump Valley – Hollywood EP


    , ,

    Off Minor Records

    Off Minor Records

    [Vinyl – “12]

    Label: Off Minor Records

    Stump Valley is one of those names you haven’t really heard of but know you want to hear more from them once you listen to one or two tracks from them. This new duo is under Juju and Jordash’s label – Off Minor Records – which is based in Amsterdam and came into existence since last year (2013). Hollywood is their first EP released under this label and from what I’ve heard I am liking their sound.

    This EP has four tracks namely:

    A1 – Hollywood

    A2 – DS 23 Pallas

    B1 – The Black Tulip

    B2 – Metropolis 27 (Mtrpls Mix)

    I must say though side A is my favourite side from the two, both Hollywood and DS 23 Pallas bless me in its entirety. There’s just something about their tracks especially Hollywood that’s so different from what you might normally hear from their counterparts but yet it works.

    I remember when I first heard the track Hollywood, I was left confused as to whether to cry or giggle in enjoyment but one thing was for sure, I loved what I heard and still loving it even today.

    The thing that made me love this song was based on the use of 3 things:

    1. The Synthesizer
    2. The Bassline and the
    3. Clap

    There are moments where there’s a break to the kick and there’s this constant continuation with the hat with no end but that’s just a little crumb to the bigger pie.

    All these three elements along with others just interact and work so beautifully to create this track and if you listen carefully you realise that there’s like a musical play that happens in your ears. At times all those 3 will have their own solo part with the kick still present in the background or the other elements will give way to either the Bassline and Clap, syntheiszer and clap or the bassline and the synthesizer. The killer part of the song comes in at 04:55 – 05:13secs. I swear on all the music I have, once you hear those 18 seconds you literally just say to yourself, “Thank you very much, it’s done… ”

    I could go on and on but I’m sure it will make a lot more sense to you if you had to listen to it.

    DS 23 Pallas on the other hand is just the total opposite of what you heard from Hollywood. This track is what you’d probably hear Vinny, China, Dj Mlu or Trev the Japanese play. It’s the ultimate Deep track and if you not a true deep fan, you will not get the beauty of it. This track is what you can play on a lazy Sunday afternoon; just having a relaxed time with family or friends. It has that deep jazzy lounge feel to it and all I can say is God Bless this track and Stump Valley.


    Stump Valley – Hollywood EP