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The craze for vocal tracks is one that isn’t new and it’s here to stay. The beauty of vocal tracks is that they tell a story that we ourselves sometimes fail to tell, not because we cannot but simply because at that point in time, we just can’t put it together in a way that expresses with precision exactly what it is we feel. Now put that together with a vocalist who can sing beautifully and you get a great vocal song that’s for the heart, mind and soul.

Jaidene Veda

  • Luka ft. Jaidene Veda – Overstanding (Sir Lsg Remix)
  • Monodeluxe ft. Jaidene Veda – Change (Jason B Remix)

If you remember Nick Holder – Sunday then you know this young songstress since she was behind the lovely vocals. Not only is she a singer but she is also a songwriter, producer and sound designer. Based in Canada, she has a long list of projects she has done with a number of producers including Marco Fracasso, The Rurals, Osaze, Ralf Gum etc. Currently Peng Soul was released this month and it includes a track done by Andy Compton featuring Jai titled Imagination.

  • Tom Conrad ft. Jaidene Veda – The One (Trancemicsoul Break Up Mix)*

Angelic is the best way to describe her voice especially in this remix by Trancemicsoul. The vocals here are so innocent and pure that you instantly fall in love with her voice. The rest of the song and how it’s been aligned and coordinated to just bring out the richness of the harmonies is incredible. The beats/instrumentation don’t overpower the vocals and vice versa. There’s just a perfect balance of unity in the.

Stephanie Cooke

  • Stephanie Cooke, Doc Link & Angel-A – Shine (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
  • Reelsoul Ft. Stephanie Cooke – A Thousand Ways

The first thing one gets to do when they hear her is to smile, well at least I do. There’s just something about her voice that just causes one to smile instantly. Married to Kenny Bobien, who also happens to be another sensational vocalist and together or individually they can bring a gospel feel to any song. She has worked with the likes of Studio Apartment, Sean McCabe, Soul Creation, Blaze, Montana & Stewart.

  • Duce Martinez Feat Stephanie Cooke – Could this Be Love (Jon Cutler’s Distant Music Mix)*

Her voice is very soulful with elements of being tender, warm and welcoming. You honestly could listen to her and not get tired of doing so; she also knows how to connect RnB flavour to house music. Her voice blends effortlessly with the remix done by Jon Cutler

Lady Alma

  • Lady Alma and The Rainmakers – Let It Fall (Main Mix)
  • Mark De Clive Lowe Presents Lady Alma & Rahel – Lady Alma- I can’t Help It

Lady Alma Horton is an extraordinary singer with a voice that can hit those deep or low notes with such ease. You can tell by her voice that she is a strong individual and a force to be reckoned with. Her fans coming from all over the globe and in the list of fans Les Nubians, Musiq Soulchild and Kindred are amongst them. No matter who she works with there is one thing that constantly stands out and that’s the soul inherent in her voice every time. Restless Soul, 4Hero, Beaten Soul, Fanatix and Dj Spinna are people she has worked with and one can be certain there’ll be more to be added in that list.

  • MdCL pres. Lady Alma – Far Away (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)*

Mark De Clive-Lowe or better known as MdCL is a great artist, producer and composer and whenever The Layabouts get involved and decide to do a remix to a MdCL track, it just surpasses anyone’s expectations. Now take that remix and add Lady Alma and the result… Far Away.

Shea Soul

  • The Layabouts, Shea Soul – Let Me Go (Original)
  • Shea Soul – Where Did You Go (Atjazz Remix)

This young lady from the UK is a singer, songwriter and dj who made herself known to many of us when The Layabouts featured her in Perfectly. She may not have a long list of projects in comparison to her counterparts but her work thus far is impressive nevertheless. Joey Negro, SMI, Restless Soul, Phlash & Friends, Timmy Regisford are producers she has worked with to date.

  • Phil Asher ft. Shea Soul – Can’t Go Back (Main Mix)*

Her voice is sweet but powerful and highly expressive. It’s very different, unique and modulated which is great since you can’t mistake her voice for someone else’s. Since its powerful she knows just how to modulate or control it so it’s not too overpowering but rather it is perfectly delivered.

Rachel Claudio

  • Boddhi Satva ft. Rachelle Claudio – All I’m Asking (Main Mix)
  • Deep Inc. ft. Rachel Claudio – Surely Certainly (Original Mix)
  • Ralf Gum ft. Rachel Claudio – If No Harm (Ralf Gum meets RyB Remix)*
  • Rachel is an Australian singer, songwriter, composer, producer and pianist who currently is living in Paris. In some songs she actually writes, produces, sings and perfoms all instruments used which is really impressive. She has collaborated with the likes of Dj Yass, Dj Fudge, Martin Solveig, Dimitri, Hanna Hais, Alton Miller, Chappell etc. Not only is she a house vocalist she has worked with a number of Hip Hop artists.

      The list of vocalists is a long one but here are some names of other female vocalists you could look into

      Lisa Shaw

      Monique Bingham

      Zara McFarlane

      Tamara Wellons

      Marie Tweek

      Heidi Vogal

      Adeola Ranson

      Portia Monique


      Lisa Fischer

      Cindy Mizelle


      Portia Monique

      Alison Crockett


      Samantha Faison

      Natalie* Walker

      Racquel Dwyer


      And the list goes on…


      Rachel Claudio, Lady Alma, Jaidene Veda, Shea Soul, Stephanie Cooke