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TITLE: All Over Again

ARTIST: Dario D’Attis featuring Lisa Shaw

LABEL: Lapsas Music

RELEASED: 22 September 2014

  • All Over Again (Original Extended Vocal)
  • All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix)
  • All Over Again (Underground Dub)
  • All Over Again (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix) -Tech House-
  • All Over Again (Extended Reprise)

Earlier this year, he brought us Sad Story which features Aoide and now he is back along with Lisa Shaw. Coming from Switzerland, his All Over Again track has been making rounds and it doesn’t seem like the hype behind the song will die off anytime soon. Apart from his original work, he has worked on remixes for Lisa Shaw, Haldo and Distant People.

Dario has featured a legendary artist who happens to be one of the most influential people in the Deep House culture alongside Ben Watt, Fish Go Deep, Julius Papp and many more. Since she made her debut in the year of 1995 with the single “Makin’ Love Makin’ Music” she has collaborated and worked on a number of projects to date including Fred Everythings’ “Here I Am” of which is still a favourite to many people and “Holdin’ On” by Lovebirds.

Lisa Shaw has done what she does best and that is to melt our hearts with her warm and soothing voice that compliments the work of Dario D’attis so well. It’s a magical experience listening to every bit of the song especially in the Extended Reprise.

Not a lot of reprises are done, so it’s always exciting to get a chance to listen to them. Just like how painters start off with a few basic colours and as they carry on painting they add more to it and before you know it, you have yourself a piece of art… the same applies here. The song kicks off with just the clap, piano and of course the sweet vocals from the songstress and with each passing minute or so, there’s an addition of rattling sounds from the shakers, the bass, subtle plays from strings before becoming a lot more clear as they are heard over the clap and Lisa’s voice. Down side from this is that since it’s an extended reprise, eventually it becomes a drag to keep listening too. If you enjoy the Extended Reprise then chances are the Original Version as well as the Underground Dub will be a favourite.

It’s rare to find a track that gets so much love from masses instantly after it gets heard and the Rocco Deep Mix has gotten almost everyone falling for it every single time. Rocco is a well and beloved name in the house scene and why wouldn’t he be. With each and every remix or even original work he does, he manages to have something that will be thoroughly enjoyed for years to come. His mix to this track is a perfect combined balance between his usual Deep and Reconstruction remix sounds so it makes for that perfect track that is loved by everyone.

One thing you can expect from this is an EP that has a track which caters for almost every feeling one can possibly feel when listening in.

all over again

All Over Again

Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬  (8/10)