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It seems like the trend of calling oneself a “Deep House” head is growing bigger and stronger. It’s a shame that we are being deceived and well people seem to be deceiving themselves in the process. On a regular you find or hear people calling themselves using such a heading and it was only very recently I started to see way beyond the mere words. As they say, actions speak louder then words and this time actions and sometimes a lack of actions, seem to contradict the actual words.

Nowadays it seems to be the in thing or cool to be seen as a deep house head and the statement seems to be thrown around very casually. Don’t get me wrong, being a deep house fan isn’t wrong but the actual problem lies when people claim to be such for the benefit of fitting in. It’s either, the meaning of deep house has changed over the years without realizing or we are just completely confused of which out of the two scenarios, the latter seems more plausible.

People tend to sway wherever the wind blows them musically which could result in confusion if one keeps following trends they don’t completely understand. You find that just because a certain deep house track was popular for that time being, by merely listening to it they now all of a sudden have caught the deep house bug. I’d like to think it takes more than just liking one track from this subgenre to consider yourself a fan. I’m sure a lot of people woke up deep house heads after liking Dario D’Attis ft. Lisa Shaw – It’s not Over (Rocco Deep Mix) of which this love will last as long as the song getting airplay.

Another possible contribution to this confusion may result from the lack of knowledge. Most people are forever looking to get free music that it doesn’t give them the opportunity to learn a few things about the music they claim to love.  Also as I’ve said a number of times, there’s so much more out there than your usual producer suspects. Knowing one or two producers out of the many that are out there doesn’t really count for much. We all love Rocco and Atjazz, they are great after all but realize there’s more outside of them.

The sad but yet eye opening thing is that when there are actual events that cater for Deep/Nu Jazz/Broken Beat etc., the deep heads are never seen at either one of the many gigs that happen which leads to seeing the same faces since most people never show face. Or you’ll find they attend the gigs but find themselves bored out of their mind and you get to wondering how deep the love really is.

Rather just say you are a lover of House music in general because once you mention a specific sub-genre you are a complete fan of, you end up trapping yourself. Loving house music as whole is not a bad thing, after all even producers themselves sometimes don’t produce one and the same thing. You’ll find as much as their main focus is Deep House they can go from deep, tech, tribal, soulful etc.

So really, embrace what you love then to say you are one thing when you know that you really are not…. But that’s just my view.