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Manuel Tur                                                    Title: Es Cub

Type: LP [CD/Vinyl]                                      Label: Freerange Records

Released: May 2014

Genre: Deep House/Tech House/Electronica

Just a couple of months back we had actually asked ourself whatever happed to this artist since we hadn’t heard anything from him (in terms of original work) in a while if not years and months later, our thoughts were secretly heard by the House Gods. The person behind Mild Pitch, Vabanque and Feel is back with this 10 track LP.

manuel tur

The German producer has been doing really well for himself over the years and to learn that he is 20 something of age is remarkable. You definitely don’t find a lot of youngsters who love Deep House yet alone can create music that is enjoyed and complimented by other legendary artists. His love for electronic music and synths is evident in this album.

  1. Ara Anam*

-Tech House-

  1. Es Cub*

-Deep House-

  1. About To Fall*

-Deep House-

  1. Werk*

-Deep House-

  1. El Soplo


  1. Flux

-Tech House-

  1. Basilea*


  1. MKS-70


  1. Es Dub


  1. Agrafena*

-Deep House-

As the opening track, Ara Anam really does deliver in keeping you wanting more as soon as you hear it. When this track starts, you can’t tell that it will keep picking up and you are only given a few minutes to get it together before the beat drops again and it continues. Es Cub was actually featured in the May edition of the Freerange Podcast done by Jimpster. This is yet another track that gets momentum as the play continues with some hints of synths here and there. Werk was the first track that grew on me and for very good reason. It’s one of those tracks that have this unique force to it whereby you just find yourself falling for it, you don’t know how or when it happens but it does. From the synths and keys to the different sounds added to it, it’s hard not to keep playing on repeat.

This album just shows how versatile he can be production wise. Having a mixture of Deep, Tech and Electronic creations in one album and making sure that each track compliments the next and the album as a whole is a skill a few have mastered.

On the down side though, one might feel it is a bit too much when it comes to certain tracks and when it’s compared to his previous work since it’s somewhat different from what his listeners have come to know from him. For instance most deep house people aren’t fans of Electronica so those tracks can be a miss to them since they can’t really understand or appreciate them as much as any other person who enjoys that kind of music more especially with MKS-70 as well as Es Dub.

If you are a vinyl fan then don’t worry, you can get yourself Es Cub in 2 part releases making sure you don’t miss out on the good tunes. If you get the 2 part vinyls then MKS-70 as well as Agrafena won’t be included. Whether you a fan of Deep, Tech or Electronica, this album definitely made sure it caters to all these different styles and ears.

Rating: ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ (7/10)

manuel tur - es cub album

Songs with (*) are a favourite.