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It’s been awhile now and I have mentioned a number of producers and at times I would give a little information on the label they may be releasing under. Well… I decided it would be a great idea to also look at record labels which some of your favourite artists release under.

 Lazy Days Recordings

This record label is one you would have heard of or have come across and I’m sure that if and when you see Lazy Days you just have to have Fred Everything in mind purely because that’s what he names the remixes he does and once you go through this, it will all come together as to why.


Lazy Days Recordings

As mentioned above Lazy Days is what Fred Everything commonly names the remixes he does and for a great reason too. In 2005 Fred Everything started Lazy Days Recordings and its sole purpose amongst other things was and still is (I hope) to “release a wide range of timeless and classic house music…” (lzdrecordings.com). It was from there on that the record label flourished and started bringing in different artists from all over the globe especially from Europe, to be a part of what is now probably a renowned label in the house music industry globally. It’s been less than 10yrs since it was founded and already it has released a number of popular LPs and EPs and this label has a remarkable list of artists it works with, namely:

Artist – Favourite Tracks

1. Atjazz Rancido – Thief (Atjazz Remix)

Santos – Time of Our Lives (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

Kerri Chandler – Rain (Atjazz Remx)

Leon Ware – Love on the Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

Soul Minority – Six-Nine (Atjazz Remix)

2. Atnarko Thinking of you ft. Sam Mollison

Animal Picnic – Lobster 37 (Atnarko Remix)

3. Christian Prommer Jazzanova ft. Phonte – Look What You’re Doin To Me (Christian Prommer Remix)

4. Fred Everything* Here I Am Ft. Lisa Shaw (Lazy Days Remix)

Mercyless ft. Wayne Tennant (Original Mix)

Street Luv (Original Mix)

5. Lovebirds Mandrill



Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes (Reprise)

6. Pezzner Thinking of you ft. Sam Mollison (Pezzners Instrumental)

Milton Jackson – Breathe (Pezzner Remix)

Pezzner & Amina – One Up: Drop of Fears (Pezzner Remix)

7. Roberto Rodriguez Loving You, Loving Me

Fall Night

Sixth Nonsense

Kyodai – Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

8. Shur-I-Kan The Whole Precious Things EP

Whole Lotta Lover (Original Mix)

Gripper (Original Mix)

Right Now (Original Mix)

Letting You Down (Original Mix)

9. Tortured Soul Might Do Something Wrong ft. Christian Urich

Don’t Hold Me Down

Home To You

Enjoy It Now (Original Mix)

10. Vincenzo Vincenzo & Lovebirds – M.U.S.I.C

The Hangover (Office Gossip Mix)

Vincenzo & Talking Props – Seduction

And many more

This list just contains names of my favourite artists and to have 10 of them listed under one label is really something else. The label has released 5+ LPs and 25+ EPs over the past 9yrs it has been in the house music scene.

Judging from what the label has done thus far, we can say with certainty that they have and still are achieving their purpose. These artists are familiar names to Deep House enthusiasts and if you are now a lover of this music then I’m sure these names and this label is one you should definitely get familiar with and remember.


LZRecordings Artits

LZRecordings Artits