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The weekend is upon us so I felt this would be a great friendly reminder to the djs who will be blessing us with good music this weekend and the next to come.

Some of you remember this letter and some probably have no idea what it could be besides the little giveaway from the title. In a way it was an unofficial open letter to our djs but it wasn’t necessarily posted for everyone to see and in this letter I didn’t name drop or mention any specific dj who committed these crimes mentioned in the letter purely because I feel it should be addressed to all the djs we have come to love for the way they have played over the years, after all we are fans because what they’ve been doing all this time has really worked and it’s what sets them apart from the rest.

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have this expression on my face….


Anyway this is what I had said…

“Dear Famous Deep House Djs

As a die-hard fan I always look forward to seeing you play and hearing your set because I know you’d never disappoint. I’ve heard you play a number of times before and have heard the compilations you have done so I know for a fact that mixing is something you have mastered and your track selection is forever on point. Now having said that let’s get down to the main issue at hand.

If you are going to play at a gig, play what we as your fans know you to play. Don’t come to the townships only to play – for lack of a better word – nonsense, mixing deep house, commercial and igqomu (Kwaito/Durban House) all in one set, mixing on top of already mixed tracks and repeating the same set you played earlier as if we as the listeners present can’t tell.

Believe it or not we know good music too; we know a good house set just as much as those people you play for at these famous clubs or high end events. It may be different scenes and vibe but the love for house music is the same. We as your fans are losing respect if we haven’t lost it already and simply because YOU don’t respect us enough.

Vinny Da Vinci, China, Christos, 2Lani the Warrior to name a few always drop a clean and on point killer house sets because it doesn’t matter where they are… all that matters is the Music that has brought us to that very same spot, that’s why they will always be respected, be trendsetters and game changers.

All I’m asking is that you leave the double standards behind and stop disrespecting us, yourselves and most of all, the music we love.


A Traumatized House Head.”


I’m sure a few of you will share my sentiments while others may not and you know what, it’s okay. Just be glad you haven’t heard it and hopefully things get better.