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I’m happy to announce that two more events are lined up for Durban and I’m sure people are getting excited if they aren’t already. This Deep House Movement that is currently happening in our city gets one excited and proud to be a Durbanite. Finally we too are getting a taste of good music almost every month and hopefully this trend that has started will continue to grow as time goes on.

The 10th Annual Deep Trouble (Deep Unity)

“A Decade of Deepness” is what this event will be celebrating with friends and family of the Deep House Movement (DHM) crew. Who would’ve known that 10yrs later, after this house event started that it’ll be celebrating such a milestone. This is no longer an event but a Unity which brings together everyone who shares in the love and passion, to gather together and just have fun while enjoying well delivered sets from your favourite local djs.

10th annual deep trouble

10th Annual Deep Trouble

The Soul Revival

I remember when I first heard of The Soul Revival, it was 2012 and the Soul Revival team had brought Ralf Gum to the City of Choice. Sadly I missed that event but I told myself that one day I will make it a point to attend it and I finally did and I never regretted the experience. Vinny Da Vinci was there, along with some of PMBs best djs. Seeing familiar faces and meeting new people who also share in the love for House Music = Priceless Moments.

Durban got to experience their first Soul Revival and they got to know what it’s all about. After that awesome time that was had, The Soul Revival is back on the 4th October 2014 to bless Durban again and this time it’s the (Libra Edition).

Soul Revival

Soul Revival (Libra Edition)


If you are around Durban on either of the weekends do make sure you join in on what will be a great House Experience. It would be awesome to get new people to be a part of something great that is unfolding in this city so hopefully we see some new faces.