Rancido is not a name commonly mentioned or spoken of by most people but those same people know of his sound. If you are one of those few who don’t really know of him, he brought us the track Brighter Days which featured Lex Empress and he did a remix to Priss – On my Way and he also remixed Uzongilinda of which those tracks were really popular amonsgt the listeners. For those lovers of that tribal and ancestral sound, he remixed a track done by Mzee ft. Malatji – The Ancestral Calling and it still “goes in” as most would say.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this young producer and remixer has done remixes to tracks by Anane, Louie Vega, Marc Evans, Plastic People, Wayne Tennant to mention afew.

Having listened to his solo productions as well as the remixes he has done, its safe to say he is one of those people who can remix the day lights out of any song. Having said that though, his 104 track is in a league of its own.

>>>>>>>> 104 (Original Mix) <<<<<<<<<

There are only a handful of songs that can get me emotional and this is one of them. The magnificence in this song is beyond anything I’ve heard in a long time. After listening to it I realised I actually have a profound love for tracks like this one. Besides his Deep/Drum Journey remixes, this is by far my favourite track by Rancido and I’m hoping he can do more productions like this. As much as it’s not called a “Deep Journey remix”, he maintained that feeling of going through an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end with this offering.

Here’s what I absolutely love about this track….

1. From the time it starts you somehow anticipate his usual and familar sound we’ve come to know him by but 1:14secs in, it changes and you patiently wait to here what’s coming next.
2. The use of strings in this song is really something else. I’m sure if you weren’t a fan of such, you definitely will be immediately after hearing this.
3. We’ve all come to hear of the saying  “my heart skipped a beat”… Well, you feel that here but in a musical sense. Throughout the track there are these moments where there’s a break for about a second or so before continuing with what it had already started. Last but not least,
4. The Bassline

There’s only one thing I don’t like or wish could change and that’s the fact that its only 5 minutes long. You get so caught up in the song you somehow feel robbed when you realise its over and you just wish it could keep playing for another 2-3 minutes. I guess too much of a good thing is bad (so they say).

If you are a person who enjoys long drives whether during the day or night, I suggest you add this to your list of songs to play during that time. You won’t be disappointed.

For more on the EP Thief of which this track was taken from, you can check out Reviews on http://www.houselegendmag.co.za which will be out soon.

Keep It Soulful and Deep…