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Off Minor Records

Off Minor Records

[Vinyl – “12]

Label: Off Minor Records

Stump Valley is one of those names you haven’t really heard of but know you want to hear more from them once you listen to one or two tracks from them. This new duo is under Juju and Jordash’s label – Off Minor Records – which is based in Amsterdam and came into existence since last year (2013). Hollywood is their first EP released under this label and from what I’ve heard I am liking their sound.

This EP has four tracks namely:

A1 – Hollywood

A2 – DS 23 Pallas

B1 – The Black Tulip

B2 – Metropolis 27 (Mtrpls Mix)

I must say though side A is my favourite side from the two, both Hollywood and DS 23 Pallas bless me in its entirety. There’s just something about their tracks especially Hollywood that’s so different from what you might normally hear from their counterparts but yet it works.

I remember when I first heard the track Hollywood, I was left confused as to whether to cry or giggle in enjoyment but one thing was for sure, I loved what I heard and still loving it even today.

The thing that made me love this song was based on the use of 3 things:

  1. The Synthesizer
  2. The Bassline and the
  3. Clap

There are moments where there’s a break to the kick and there’s this constant continuation with the hat with no end but that’s just a little crumb to the bigger pie.

All these three elements along with others just interact and work so beautifully to create this track and if you listen carefully you realise that there’s like a musical play that happens in your ears. At times all those 3 will have their own solo part with the kick still present in the background or the other elements will give way to either the Bassline and Clap, syntheiszer and clap or the bassline and the synthesizer. The killer part of the song comes in at 04:55 – 05:13secs. I swear on all the music I have, once you hear those 18 seconds you literally just say to yourself, “Thank you very much, it’s done… ”

I could go on and on but I’m sure it will make a lot more sense to you if you had to listen to it.

DS 23 Pallas on the other hand is just the total opposite of what you heard from Hollywood. This track is what you’d probably hear Vinny, China, Dj Mlu or Trev the Japanese play. It’s the ultimate Deep track and if you not a true deep fan, you will not get the beauty of it. This track is what you can play on a lazy Sunday afternoon; just having a relaxed time with family or friends. It has that deep jazzy lounge feel to it and all I can say is God Bless this track and Stump Valley.


Stump Valley – Hollywood EP