If you remember, not so long ago I happened to have a Featured Profile on Brewed Souls, one of S.As House producers who are doing wonders and working with great artists nationally and internationally. As Njebster always says their work is “Soul Brewed Music” so if you a fan of Soulful music with some Jazzy, Groovy and Deep elements to it then you don’t want to miss this.

Njebster Sole is one half of the Brewed Souls duo and he had released a mixtape which has been doing extremely well over the past week. This mix features some tracks of their own along with others that will make any soul feel at ease. Without any further ado here are the links to Brewed Souls Offering Vol.2 by the man himself Njebster_Sole.



As a Thank You to his listeners he dropped a link for a track Brewed Souls was featured in by Invaders called “Get Back” (Radio Edit).


If you’d like to see them at their next upcoming events or hear more from the group and/or him you can either…

Follow him on Twitter: @Njebster_Sole


Like the Facebook page: Brewed Souls