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SoundQuest SA

SoundQuest SA

South Africa has a number of up and coming producers who are making their mark in the Music Industry and SoundQuest is one of those people. Coming from Hammarsdale in KZN, he has made a number of memorable tracks and people love his sound. He has been featured on Dj Chinas DeepInside, Machanix of House by 2Lani The Warrior and Addictive by Fistaz Mixwell. With tracks such as his Percussive Mix to Moredikai Soul – “Greatest Lover” and Layders “Smiling with the Sun” which is still enjoyed by many, he is considered by his listeners as one of those producers who really know how to put together a great percussive mix that “goes in”.

He has since released a track which features Kimbra titled “Settle Down” which is sure to be loved by many if it isn’t already. He took time out of his busy schedule to have a light hearted chat with me and this is what he has to say…

Tell us a little bit about SoundQuest as a person?

“CRAZY, SHY and AMBITIOUS. I think that summons it up.” (laughing)

When did your love for producing start and who would you say is your inspiration?

“It started at a young age. I have always been fascinated with the process of creating music, so when I studied it and learned the process as a whole, it became an instant high. The rest was history. My inspiration has to be a mix of Jimpster, Osunlade and Black Coffee.”

Before being known as SoundQuest you were actually known as Squmz. What motivated the name change?

“I just had reached that point.” (answers with a slight laugh)

How would you describe your sound now and do you think your sound has changed over the years?

“I’d say my sound is a mix of Soul & a touch of Percussive sounds. And Yes, it changes from time to time, but I’ve stayed loyal to the elements that my fans are familiar with.”

Looking back at when you started, how has the journey been since?

“It’s been an overwhelming experience. Grateful I’ve gotten this far, still need to work harder because it doesn’t end here. The music industry is a 24Hr hustle, the more you rest, the more you rust.”

The music industry is considered one of the meanest and toughest out there. Having said that, do you think it’s harder to get your foot in or is it harder to stay in and why?

“Both are hard; getting your foot in & keeping it in. The industry is forever changing so you just have to learn how to work your way around new things it introduces. Don’t lose yourself in that process though. Your fans will tell when you’ve lost it”

Who are some of the people you have worked with and who would like to work with in future?

“Been fortunate enough to work with Zano, Kabomo, Clint Brink, Kholi, Antonio David Lyons, Da Capo, C9ine, Kimbra, Tazzy (Muzart), DJ Clock, the list goes on… Regarding the people I’d like to work with, it’s a long list, but I want people to know I enjoy sessions that happen organically.”

For those who are fans of your music, what can they look forward to for the rest of the year and in the near future?

“I’ve got an EP coming out soon. We want to release it at the right time, before 2014 ends. It’s a project by myself and comrade Da Capo titled 2WCT Project. Then in 2015 we drop my first Studio Album #ALBOE”

Any last words for young people who would like to follow the same path you chose?

“Instead of worrying about being known, focus on making yourself someone worth knowing.”


For more info you can follow him on

Twitter: @SoundQuestLIVE

Or like his Facebook page: SoundQuest_SA

Or you can like his Soundcloud page: SoundQuest

We thank him for his time to answer our questions and we’ll be sure to keep you in touch with more great music that he’ll be doing.

If you haven’t heard or listened to this offering do make sure you go onto his Sound Cloud page and take a listen, you wont regret it.

Remember to keep it Soulful and Deep…

Till next time

SoundQuest ft. Kimbra - Settle Down (Percussive Mix)

SoundQuest ft. Kimbra – Settle Down (Percussive Mix)