We cannot see the month of August ending without putting together a list of Top 10 tracks which currently are a favourite. Whether currently released or not, these are songs one should definitely check out because they will be enjoyed thoroughly. Here’s a little review on them….

1. Shur-I-Kan – Blue Giraffe (Original Mix)

This track was released earlier this year in the Precious Things EP under the Lazy Days Recordings label which is his forth EP under this label. This Deep house track is exactly what Tom Szirtes is known for. Not only is the song crafted to perfection but the vocals within the track are so angelic, you could be sure there was probably a choir in studio while the song was recorded. If there is one thing amongst others, that this track does…. Is to bless you musically. From the moment the track starts, it keeps on unfolding and you just don’t know which part of the song you like, then 3:39 seconds into the track it just brings you back to a calm place before starting all over. This easily made its way to the number 1 spot

2. Rancido – Thief (Atjazz Remix)

Rancido is a name well known for his sound which largely has an afro house feel to either a Deep or a Soulful house track. He has done some loved remixes to tracks such as The Ancestral Calling, Skyline, Brighter Days. You already know that whenever you see “Deep Journey” then it’s bound to be a great track. Atjazz on the other hand is popular for his remixes which are brilliantly executed every time; you never are disappointed whenever you hear any remix of his. This remix is truly one of a kind, with that galaxy aart feel to it that we’ve come to know Martin Iveson by. Released under Atjazz Records this year, it surely is a track to not miss out on.

3. Madpac – Angry Nerds (Original Mix)

There are times whereby we’ll come across a song that will just put you at ease and no matter what you feeling, every time you listen to it you’ll be at peace with everything… this is one of those songs. With its chilled but yet Deep sound, you can find yourself repeating it till no end. This track was released in 2013 under Compost Label in Black Label 101. There is also the Phillip Stoya Remix which is also a great track on its own but you can’t go wrong with Original Mix.

4. Brewed Soul ft. Soul So Blaq – Power of Love (Original Mix)

South Africa really does have a number of great up and coming producers and Brewed Souls is one of those. This dynamic duo is making their mark in the House music market and making waves with some of their tracks. Power of Love is a song carefully and artistically brewed for any soul to enjoy. It has a Deep yet Soulful feel to it with vocals that are smoothly done to make anyone add this to their favourite list. Released this year under their self-titled label, it is a song not to be missed.

5. The Sunburst Band, Joey Negro – I’ll Be there for U (Garden of Love)

The Sunburst Band alongside Joey Negro have been making some of the greatest tracks out there to date. “He Is” has become one the tracks they are known for and if you happen to love that track, then this one you will also enjoy. With Dave Lee (Joey Negro) being in the production aspect and along with the Sunburst Band, whenever you think of this dynamic group you automatically think of funky, upbeat tracks with some disco elements to it, not forgetting the instrumentation involved and the vocals. This track is no different from what you can usually hear from them. If you love vocals then the Vocal Mix is for you but if you prefer something a little more calming and less over the top then the Original Mix is for you. Either way, there’s something for everyone.

6. Louie Vega, Axel Tosca – Sunlight (Louie Vega Roots Mix with Axel Solo)

Louie Vega has become a force to be reckoned with over the years and almost every “househead” is familiar with his self-titled label; Vega Records. Not only is this record label home to some of the best vocalists and producers, it definitely has a number of hot releases under its belt. This is another track that doesn’t disappoint. This Soulful track has so many beautiful layers to it… that aspect as well as the instrumentation used from the percussions to the person on the keys will surely make one remember sentimental memories made. Louie Vega makes sure to not release one but a set of remixes to any song he does which is also the case here. Not only is there the Roots Mix with Axel but there is also the Ritual Mix with and without Axels solo as well as  the VegaTosca Demo Mix just to name a few.

7. Atnarko ft. Sam Mollison – Thinking of You (Pezzners Instrumental)

As much as this track was released some time in 2011, it sure is one of those songs that can easily become a favourite. Whether you like the Pezzner Remix with a little more vocal to it or this instrumental version, either way you’ll find yourself hypnotized from beginning to end. Released under the Lazy Days Music Label, this track takes you on a journey that starts off ever so differently and 1:01 secs in, progresses throughout the song with a touch of vocals flowing in and out of the song.

8. Genius of Time – Drifting Back 

This music duo released their EP under Clone Royal Oak Label and Genius of time was not lying about the Genius part. Just listen to this song as well as Houston We Have a Problem and you will easily be in agreement. Yet another Deep House track with jazzy elements embedded in it, accompanied by vocals that slowly pick up as the song picks up and subside towards the end; you do end up drifting back.


9. Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz – Count Your Blessings (Main Mix)

Yet another local production and even though not much information could be found about them, this is a track you are sure to hear being played around. Judging from this offering, one can be sure to be on the lookout for their next track.

10. Steven Stone, Andrea Love –  Running To Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

Another one released earlier this year, it sure is a great sing along track and can get you believing in love if you no longer did. If you love songs with vocals then you’ll enjoy this Soulful track. Female vocalists are loved by everyone and this songstress sure does delivers on this Richard Earnshaw Remix.


Keep It Soulful and Deep…