Some may be familiar to this name while others may not and others may be familiar with their work but just didn’t know who is behind such great work. Hopefully this will enlighten you a little bit.

Brewed Souls was formed in late 2011 early 2012 and is made up of Njebster Sole and Griffith Malo who are currently under Brewed Souls Africa label of which just consists of the two of them for now. Their style of music is Soulful, Broken Beat, Deep and Afro House.

They have different and unique skills they bring to the table which just makes them an amazing team. Njebster brings the djing component while Griffith is the producing mastermind. Brewed Souls has worked with quality local and International artists such as MJ White, Holi M, Cannon Soul, Andy Compton and they are now currently working with two groups from Italy; Funky Lovers and Dolls Combers.



Brewed Souls has actually been featured on House Afrika Sessions vol.4 with their track Freeway (Original Mix) which features Holi M. Also another track of theirs Move On (Original mix) has been featured in House Afrika: In2Deep which was Mixed By EnoSoul. They have done two remixes for The Italian Group “Dolls Combers”, one features Divine Diviniti – Grateful (Brewed Souls Remix) while the other one is Dolls Combers Feat. Dawn Williams – That’s The Way I Love You (Brewed Souls Afro Galaxy Mix)

The list of International and local djs they have performed alongside with is really impressive. This list includes: Christos, Vinny da Vinci, Avi Elman (UPZ) , Ganyani, Quentin Harris, Culoe De Song, China, QB Smith, Tim White, Ralf Gum, 2lani The Warrior, and trust me the list really does go on and on and ON!

Griffith Malo

Griffith Malo

I’ve been fortunate enough to see them perform and one thing I really loved about their performance is that while Njebster is on the decks, Griffith is out there on the keyboard and they really do have fun with it so much so that you can’t help but just stand and watch the chemistry that happens on stage.

Besides the few tracks I have mentioned above, here are other tracks they have done:

  1. Brewed Souls ft. Sol so Blaq – Power of Love
  2. Brewed Souls – Listen and Follow
  3. Brewed Souls – Right Here
  4. Brewed Souls – Grow Me
  5. Brewed Souls – Move On

Brewed Souls in studio with Dj Zeal 4 Life