Ever listened to a song and you find yourself hooked on it only to wonder why you hadn’t heard of that particular producer/artist before? I’m sure we all have had that moment more than once.

The music industry is so huge and diverse that we at times miss or overlook some producers/artists simply because we are “loyal” to what we know and love so much so that we end up listening to one and the same people over and over again.  It’s totally okay though, we only human after all. If we like something it’s only natural that we are drawn to everything they do and sometimes we end up so set in our ways that we don’t take time out to explore what else is out there. I too was once like that but over the years my ears have matured and I can now go out of my comfort zone and by doing that I’ve introduced myself to another world.

I was first introduced to Thatmanmonkz after falling in love with a particular track he remixed for Mannmademusic this year. When I heard it I felt like I had robbed myself of some great music and I immediately looked for other tracks he had done. I think it’s safe to say he has quickly entered into one of my favorite producers to look out for. Deep House is what you’ll be hearing when listening to his stuff.  He has compiled mixes for Freerange as well as for our very own Vinny Da Vinci for the Urban Beat which is aired on Metro fm.

He’s latest release which came out in June ‘14 is “Please Don’t Slip Trip or Fall Of” and it contains:

  • Girl I know it
  • Blowin’ my mind
  • Be with me ft. Dnae*

Be With Me featuring Dnae has to be my favorite track in this EP as well as currently. Firstly there’s something about the way he starts off his tracks, you can’t help but wait to hear what will follow and 00:50 seconds into the track you are amazingly blown away and you find yourself trapped within such a beautiful track. The vocals are just perfect for the track, giving off that very chilled and relaxed feel to the song. If you listen to it, somehow you can’t help but think of Floetry – Say Yes when you hear the vocals.

I am patiently waiting for his next release coming out in September ’14. For now you can check out the abovementioned EP as well as check out his Remix to Mannmademusic – Rough Times.