My love for House Music pretty much started and grew over the years because of these songs which have come to be known as “Classic Tunes”. I was still a kid when some of these tracks came out but that didn’t mean anything because years later I still could remember them and where I first heard them. That’s the thing about music…. no matter how young or old you are, when you fall in love with a song, it will forever be embedded in your heart and mind and it will never be forgotten.

I figured since this is the first official written piece in my blog, It should really be about those songs that paved the way for my love (and maybe yours) for such music hence why I compiled this Top 20 list. If you are also on Twitter you’ll realise that most of these songs are forever being mentioned on Thursdays since as we’ve all come to know “Thursdays Belong To House Music”.

It’s actually pointless of me to mention some of these tracks without mentioning the label that really made everything possible >>> House Afrika Records <<< Most if not all major compilations were released under them. House Afrika Records owned by Tim White, Vinny Da Vinci and Glenn Van Loggerenburg has been blessing us with beautiful music since its establishment in ’94. USM (Universal Sound & Music) later came into the house music scene much later in ’98 realising compilations like Queen of Spades, Queen of Hearts, House Tunes 4 just to name afew.

Top 20 Memorable Tracks (1998 – 2004)

  1. Abstract Truth – (We Had) A Thing (Matty’s Body & Soul Remix)
  2. Mysterious People – Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix)
  3. Moloko – Sing It Back (Herbert’s Tasteful Dub Mix)
  4. Blue Six – Sweeter Love (Jay’s Full Vocal Mix)
  5. Shazz ft. Ken Norris – Inner Side (Universal Soul Mix)
  6. The Return – New Day
  7. Byron Stingly – Flying High
  8. Nick Holder – Summer Daze
  9. Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin’
  10. Paul Johnson – I’m Alone Until You Show Me
  11. Doctor Rockit – Café de Flore (Charles Webster’s Latin Lovers Mix)
  12. Dj Gregory – Tourment d’Amour
  13. Osunlade Pres. Nadirah Shakoor – Pride (Main Mix)
  14. Kings of Tomorrow Julie McKnight – Finally
  15. Sharon Phillips – Touch Me (Original Radio Version)
  16. Urban Soul – What Do I Gotta Do (Eric Kupper Club Mix)
  17. Alex Gopher – The Child The Child (Kenny Dope Main Mix)
  18. Trouble Men ft. Colonel Abrams – In The Air
  19. Alex Kid – Love We Have
  20. Omar S – Set It Out*

Okay for those who figured it out the last track was only compiled in 2006 so it doesn’t necessarily fit into the time period I mentioned above BUT because I just love it so much, I figured I can include it in this list. I noticed whilst compiling this that some of the songs were actually recompiled by others like for instance Inner Side, Summer Daze, New Day etc…. But we don’t mind, that just proves to us that those songs are really great tracks.

A good friend of mine reminded me about Glen Lewis’ Mid Tempo 45 but for the dear life of me I couldn’t remember one song from there so I’m not really going to include it here since I don’t remember them. I’m sure if everyone had to compile their own memorable list within the same time frame some of these songs would pop up….

If there is one song that is really powerful, a song that gets everyone on their feet and singing I’d have to say is Summer Daze. No matter where you are, how much of a fan you are of House Music, this song will unite everyone at a party and everyone, I mean everyone even grown ass men will start singing along with no worry in the world. You know a track is really The One if a person who is not a fan of such music can tell you that it’s a classic and mean it. When Summer Daze plays, the whole party comes to a standstill and that my dear friends is an awesome sight to see. Old Skool House was and still is EVERYTHING!!!

The Compiled Journey

The Compiled Journey