Okay let me be honest, I’ve always heard of people going on about Kuniyuki Takahashi but I had no idea who he was until much later on and when they say that people are sleeping on him they are telling the truth.

Every day we are consistently bombarded by Atjazz, Rocco, Black Coffee music to a point where we don’t take the time to explore other producers out there who are really making good music. I guess the main reason why he has been/is still overlooked by most is because people are not feeling the style of music he plays; after all it’s about preferences. For those who do know him then that’s great but for those that don’t really know his music then I’m sure this will help you broaden your musical knowledge abit.

As mentioned above, Kuniyuki Takahashi is a Japanese dj and producer and most will know him for his Deep or Jazzy House tracks such as those mentioned below. He has a lot of albums under his names of which his late one was Between Shadow And Lights (2013). I have put together a list of my 5 favourite tracks from him and if you have others do share as well

Top 5 Favourite Tracks

  1. Kuniyuki Takahashi – The Guitar Song
  2. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Come With Us
  3. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Earth Beats (Cloud of Dust Guitar Dub Mix)
  4. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Set Me Free (Organ Dub)
  5. Kuniyuki Takahashi ft. Kristiina Tuomi – Deliverance


This year we are lucky enough to be blessed by him as he will be in the country for the Deep Explorer Tour alongside Dubbyman and some of S.As House Djs. If you are lucky enough to be at any of the below areas, make sure you go out and enjoy some quality sounds:

Plastic People pres. The Deep Explorer Tour 2014 featuring Dubbyman

  • 31st July 2014 – Durban @ Absolute
  • 1st August 2014 – Polokwane @ Jembe Meropa*
  • 2nd August – Cape Town @ The Waiting Room
  • 3rd August 2014 – Johannesburg @ Shaguma Gaeden Café*



Kuniyuki Takahashi will ONLY be at the Polokwane and Johannesburg gigs*